“Strawberry Sugar Milk Cookie Lolita” & Desserts Appreciation Day!

Did you like my crazy post title? Last March, Volks released two adorable outfits called the Strawberry Milk Heart set, and the Sugar Milk Cookie set; and earlier this year they re-released them with a colour flip (called the Strawberry Milk Cookie and Sugar Milk Heart set)! Are we all utterly confused with the names yet?! I know I am! A few days ago I rounded up Machiko, PlasticFantastic and Sam on short notice to come to my house and celebrate these adorable outfits!

Lily, Yuki, Mashiro, Serena, Nia, Juliette, Maya and Cirno look so sugary sweet and adorable!

In my title I did mention something about desserts, didn’t I? ^__~”
A magical box arrived from Snowfern Clover a few days ago containing some of her stunning miniature desserts. Sid was captivated by the raspberry-rose and lychee Ispahan.

Here are Juliette and Lily showing off both flavours of the Ladurée Ispahans – the purple one is Cassis-Violet.

Would you perhaps prefer the Paris Brest or the Divin?

Oh my goodness these look so tasty! The hazelnut cream, the crushed nuts, the toasted almond slices, the juicy raspberries! These are stunning!

Serena and Mashiro have a couple of slices of cake to share-
Mashiro is visiting me for a little while until she goes to live with InnocentSaké in sunny California! It was fun getting to play dress-up with her!

Personally my favourite Ladurée pastry is the St-Honoré Rose Framboise, and Snowfern’s newest version (on the right) features a subtle pink icing. So pretty!

Juliette enjoyed showing off the beautiful pastries, but sometimes it’s the simple things that are best. Here she is with a few macarons – Salted Caramel is her favourite!

Oooh! Maya and Cirno are captivated by the yummy sweets!

Here’s one more picture of the big girls in their lolita dress sets –

Little Cirno is the odd one out today in her black and white set, but she looks so cute. I love her little hat! I’m going to have to dress my little Médée up in this set sometime soon!

Arrr matey! Pirate King Sora is here to stake his claim on some of the treats!
Oh Sora, you’re such a goof!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Juliette says: “Remember to brush your teeth after eating sweets, or else you will get cavities!”

3 thoughts on ““Strawberry Sugar Milk Cookie Lolita” & Desserts Appreciation Day!

  1. Awww look at all the Juliette spam *o* It’s really nice to get good photos of her! Hehe and to take her out 😀
    All the desserts are making my hungry now…LOL

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