My visitor likes sunshine!

I took a few photos of Kanu last week indoors to try out a couple of wigs, and Kanu hated the first one I chose for her. She said that straight bangs are not her thing and try as she may, she couldn’t get the style to work for her.


So when I opened a package from TheBobness arrived containing some new wigs, I had a feeling Kanu would like this one better –

Ultimately Kanu is an outdoors kind of girl, so we went for a walk today to take some photos outside.
Jezatron's Kanu

But once the sun came out, she complained that her sweater was too warm!
Jezatron's Kanu

“You don’t mind if I lay down in the soft grass and take a nap for a bit, right?”
Jezatron's Kanu

Looks like I need to find something less “warm” for Kanu to wear… ^__~”

– ♥ Archangeli

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