Dollfie Dream Mini Meetup in Vancouver – August 30, 2013

On a lovely summer afternoon I met up with some DD owner friends in Vancouver for lunch. Puppy52, LightningSabre and Danielle met me at Marutama Ramen in downtown Vancouver to try their popular chicken-based broth.

Ramen lunch in Vancouver

This is one of the rare occasions that I didn’t bring one of my own Dollfie Dream girls with me, but instead I had Jezatron’s gorgeous Kanu with me on a little cross-Canada adventure! Here she is with Puppy52’s Ebi-chu, and LightningSabre’s army of MISAKA’s!
Ramen lunch in Vancouver

OMG they are so naughty!
Ramen lunch in Vancouver

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My visitor likes sunshine!

I took a few photos of Kanu last week indoors to try out a couple of wigs, and Kanu hated the first one I chose for her. She said that straight bangs are not her thing and try as she may, she couldn’t get the style to work for her.


So when I opened a package from TheBobness arrived containing some new wigs, I had a feeling Kanu would like this one better –

Ultimately Kanu is an outdoors kind of girl, so we went for a walk today to take some photos outside.
Jezatron's Kanu

But once the sun came out, she complained that her sweater was too warm!
Jezatron's Kanu

“You don’t mind if I lay down in the soft grass and take a nap for a bit, right?”
Jezatron's Kanu

Looks like I need to find something less “warm” for Kanu to wear… ^__~”

– ♥ Archangeli

Someone is here for vacation!

There is a beautiful Dollfie Dream visiting me for a couple of weeks for a short summer vacation – the absolutely stunning Kanu Unchou!


This gorgeous girl belongs to Jezatron. He told me that his girls were jealous that Yoko got to go along on his epic trip across the USA (with short detour up to Toronto!), so when Kanu put her feet down and demanded a summer holiday he had to oblige.
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