Someone is here for vacation!

There is a beautiful Dollfie Dream visiting me for a couple of weeks for a short summer vacation – the absolutely stunning Kanu Unchou!


This gorgeous girl belongs to Jezatron. He told me that his girls were jealous that Yoko got to go along on his epic trip across the USA (with short detour up to Toronto!), so when Kanu put her feet down and demanded a summer holiday he had to oblige.

Here she is showing off some cute summer clothes – a bikini top and tank from Volks and cropped jeans by puppy52.

This girl is smokin’ hot!

I mean, it has been pretty warm in Toronto the past couple of weeks – here have been ‘Severe Heat’ warnings, paired with crazy thunderstorms @__@” But now with Kanu here, the thermostat is going to go through the roof!

Wowza! I’ve got some awesome photo ideas in store for Kanu over the little while, so check back to see more of this hottie!


– ♥ Archangeli

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