Dollfie Dream Mini Meetup in Vancouver – August 30, 2013

On a lovely summer afternoon I met up with some DD owner friends in Vancouver for lunch. Puppy52, LightningSabre and Danielle met me at Marutama Ramen in downtown Vancouver to try their popular chicken-based broth.

Ramen lunch in Vancouver

This is one of the rare occasions that I didn’t bring one of my own Dollfie Dream girls with me, but instead I had Jezatron’s gorgeous Kanu with me on a little cross-Canada adventure! Here she is with Puppy52’s Ebi-chu, and LightningSabre’s army of MISAKA’s!
Ramen lunch in Vancouver

OMG they are so naughty!
Ramen lunch in Vancouver

Ebi-chu is so tiny she fits in Kanu’s hand!
Ramen lunch in Vancouver

I had the Marutama Tamago Cha Shu Ramen – Mmmm lots of meat!
Ramen lunch in Vancouver

Afterwards we walked along Robson Street to a small dessert café called Chicco and ordered some Japanese-style parfaits.
Ramen lunch in Vancouver

When you’re having trouble deciding if you want ice cream, gelato, cheesecake or a macaron – why not just indulge and have them all?! Ebi-chu approves of this decision!
Ramen lunch in Vancouver

Alas, it was another of my short (but sweet!) visits to Vancouver and I had to head home shortly afterwards. I had a lovely time hanging out with everyone and I hope to be back in Vancouver again soon!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Kanu went home shortly after this little meet. Here’s a parting photo of her with Sakura.
Morning glow with Kanu & Sakura

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