Dollfie Dream Meetup in Hong Kong – August 24, 2013

I braved the rain and heat this summer and met up with some DD owner friends in Hong Kong for a couple of little doll meets! The most recent was the last weekend of August where I met up with Q, Stepswalker, TonyBSD and XOHimitsuOX at the Charlie Brown Café in Tsim Tsa Tsui. The café was a very relaxed place and we were able to hang out without feeling rushed. We sat in a big booth area that had ample space for the dolls to hang out!

Photo by: Stepswalker

The café was fairly quiet when we arrived, but it filled up over the couple of hours we were there. Here’s Chef Charlie Brown to greet the guests:
Charlie Brown Café

There are adorable Peanuts figures from all eras of the comic strip in display shelves all around the café.
Charlie Brown Café

Photo by: Stepswalker

I liked the informal atmosphere of the café: you placed your order and paid at the cashier and were given a number placard to take to your table, and your food was delivered to you when it was ready. We ordered a variety of dishes and everything was quite tasty! I had the Fusilli Bolognese on the top right, and I would order it again! Omnomnom!
Dinner at the Charlie Brown Café.

And the desserts were so adorable! You can see the tiramisu I ordered above, and this was the Mango-Yogurt cheesecake that we all shared.
Charlie Brown Café

There are also 8″ cakes that you can buy and they are so cute! (There were a couple of little birthday gatherings at the café while we were there).
Photo by: Stepswalker
Princess Lucy van Pelt! OMG *____*
Photo by: Stepswalker

I brought Sidonie with me and she was joined by Stepswalker’s Sakuya, TonyBSD’s Asuna, Q’s and Himitsu’s 06 twins! ^__^” (Sorry, I forgot their names >__<” )

Here’s Sid with Asuna-
Photo by: Stepswalker
Sakuya “nyan”-pose!
Photo by: Stepswalker

After dinner, we hurried over to Harbour City mall (because it was almost closing time!) to check out the giant Totoro and Nekobus that were on display at Donguri Republic in the LCX wing section of the mall. Thank goodness I had the guys with me or I would have been totally lost @__@” However, mission accomplished!
Photo by: Stepswalker

The Nekobus was super soft! ^__^”
Nekobus! He was really soft! #StudioGhibli #Totoro

Shortly after we all went our seperate ways, but I mentioned at the beginning of this post that we had met up a couple of times in HK, but this post has already gotten very long so I’ll post about our other meeting in another entry! ^__~”

– ♥ Archangeli

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