Dollfie Dream Family Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve had all of my DD girls together (partly because Makoto hangs out at Machiko’s house most of the time), and Makoto has never met Médée and Mélisande yet!

I brought Makoto home for a quick family photo with my other Dollfie Dream girls.I dressed the girls up in a red and white colour scheme to welcome their sister home!

And here are all the big girls together – doesn’t Mel look cool with that hair colour? It’s a Miruya brand wig that I picked up originally for Makoto but it doesn’t quite suit her (I can’t say why at the moment… shh!). The pigtails clip onto the wig so I can take them off if I want just a short wig – very clever!

Moe finally dances!

Those of you who remember the arrival of my Dollfie Dream Moe may recall that straight out of the box there was a dilemma – she had 2 left feet! This prompted some joking between me and hubby that poor Moe was never intended to be a dancer >__<”

I’ve since remedied the foot issue – Moe has a right and a left foot now, but the mailman’s visit yesterday prompted me to give her an opportunity to shine! A number of weeks ago I ordered the new “Ballet” feet made by Taiwanese company Peapod Doll and they arrived yesterday.

Without further ado, here is Moe as the Swan Queen ~