Review: Volks Flower Tulle Skirt Set (MDD)

I don’t purchase many MDD outfits since I only have one 1:4 sized girl and also because I can usually borrow 1:4 sized clothing from my sister, however hubby fell in love with this sweet outfit set from Volks that was released at the Osaka 7 Dolpa a few weeks ago so I bought it for my little Médée! It’s called the Flower Tulle Skirt Set (DDTK-177) and here is my little cutie pie showing off her new clothes! Whee!

>Volks Flower Tulle Skirt set (MDD)

The adorable hoodie is sized for MSD, all bust ranges of MDD and I have a sneaking thought that I might be able to fit Gabi (DDS with S-bust) into it too ^__~” It features a functional zipper, and cute little bows as fake pockets.
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Little Lolita in the Garden

It was nice and sunny today so I took Médée out for a quick photo session today to take advantage of some of the flora in my back yard. I think she looks so sweet and adorable!

Médée - Little Lolita in the Garden

She’s so tiny! It’s nice having a little sister for my bigger Dollfie Dream girls. Continue reading

Chibi-Aerie’s Food and Fun in London

This weekend I had another awesome meetup with DarkDollhouse, fransgaard, GabrielVH and Jezatron in London, England. This time I brought my new MDD with me, but since Medée’s head isn’t completed yet, I chibi-fied Aerie (Airy) and brought her instead!

I did a lot during the day that I want to share before I get to the meetup. First off, since the MDD body is so small, it didn’t make sense for me to lug around a big pillow-carry case (like the one my Volks SD16 came in) so I wrapped Chibi-Aerie up in a large sheet of bubble wrap, then in a t-shirt and tucked her lengthwise into my carry-on suitcase. She fits almost perfectly – I only had to bed her knees a little bit. Chibi-Aerie heard stories about her sister Moe’s trip to London so she was really excited to go herself too!

Chibi-Aerie also travelled in Executive First Class, and she got settled in right away and tried out the lay-flat bed in the pod-like seat.

But as soon as it got dark she couldn’t sleep anymore so as a special treat I let her visit the cockpit to meet the pilots. They were very curious to meet her and the First Officer was quite amused by her. Not many people get to see the inside of a cockpit nowadays so Chibi-Aerie was very lucky to get this special visit. There are so many dials and buttons! Be careful not to press anything Chibi-Aerie!

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Chibi-Moe meets her cousins!

I was heading over to my sister’s place yesterday so I took Medée and Moe (head only) with me. I left the blank head with my sister so that she can do a face-up for Medée so Moe got to wear the MDD body and be chibi-fied LOL

I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my rather craptastic iPhone (I can’t wait to upgrade to a new one), so I apologize in advance! >__<”

Here’s Medée meeting her cousin Zephyria. She brought over one of her spare Hello Kitty plushies as a gift for her cousin.


One of the things I was curious about was to see how well MSD and MDD (Mini Super Dollfie and Mini Dollfie Dream) outfits can be interchanged since the Volks website has them listed as such, but there are bound to be some differences. So Medée and Zephy swapped outfits and the results were interesting. The MSD has somewhat broader shoulders and waist so it fits a bit snugly in the MDD outfit, and as a result the MSD dress is loose on the MDD. I also noted that since MDD’s have thinner ankles most of Zephy’s shoes didn’t look right on Medée, even though when I compared their feet they are roughly the same size. It was quite peculiar!

And then they had some fun dressing up in Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma pajamas! Aren’t they cute?! (Hmm, Zephy was a little short so I had her stand on a box! LOL)

And then the yellow birds came out to join them!

Later on Zephyria borrowed some stuff from Ventus’ wardrobe and dressed up as a dandy. Here they both are looking very spiffy! Ventus is wearing his Ciel Phantomhive cosplay made by Machiko.

Here’s Makoto finally meeting Moe! They look so cute. Unfortunately Makoto will be staying with auntie Machiko for a bit longer so she didn’t come home yet.

My friend’s Abio Angel doll, Kaiyouko (Kioko?), was also visiting, but she’s undergoing a new faceup at the moment so I didn’t take photos of her.

If anyone is curious about the bear PJ’s, you can contact my sister through her blog. I know she had some for sale on etsy before, but I think she sold out out of her pre-made ones at Anime North.