Chibi-Aerie’s Food and Fun in London

This weekend I had another awesome meetup with DarkDollhouse, fransgaard, GabrielVH and Jezatron in London, England. This time I brought my new MDD with me, but since Medée’s head isn’t completed yet, I chibi-fied Aerie (Airy) and brought her instead!

I did a lot during the day that I want to share before I get to the meetup. First off, since the MDD body is so small, it didn’t make sense for me to lug around a big pillow-carry case (like the one my Volks SD16 came in) so I wrapped Chibi-Aerie up in a large sheet of bubble wrap, then in a t-shirt and tucked her lengthwise into my carry-on suitcase. She fits almost perfectly – I only had to bed her knees a little bit. Chibi-Aerie heard stories about her sister Moe’s trip to London so she was really excited to go herself too!

Chibi-Aerie also travelled in Executive First Class, and she got settled in right away and tried out the lay-flat bed in the pod-like seat.

But as soon as it got dark she couldn’t sleep anymore so as a special treat I let her visit the cockpit to meet the pilots. They were very curious to meet her and the First Officer was quite amused by her. Not many people get to see the inside of a cockpit nowadays so Chibi-Aerie was very lucky to get this special visit. There are so many dials and buttons! Be careful not to press anything Chibi-Aerie!

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Airy’s Matcha Shortbread Cookies!

Today Airy was in the mood for a treat so she decided to bake! Since it’s her first time baking she picked a nice, simple recipe to share with everyone – matcha shortbread cookies! Buttery, crunchy with a touch of matcha green tea – these are a nice treat with a cup of tea or as a snack. Be warned though – they are very addictive and not low-fat! (^__~)” [Note: full recipe at the bottom of this post.]

Here’s Airy combining the ingredients – she’s mixing together flour, matcha tea powder and pinch of salt.

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Airy’s Afternoon in the Sun

It’s a beautiful sunny summer day today, and Airy wanted to go outside to enjoy the weather, so I was more than happy to oblige.
I didn’t take many photos of her in her default outfit when I welcomed her home last week so this was a chance to take a few photos.

I’m really impressed with how Volks thought out the design for her outfit – for example the entire front edge of her coat has a wire in it so that you can shape it against Airy’s body to get it very form-fitted. Everything is lined in either white (even her boots!) or that pretty mauve colour.

In case anyone was wondering, I took out her default eyes pretty much as soon as I got her because I didn’t like them at all. I think she looks so much softer and prettier with new animetic eyes from Volks.

Sometimes, you have to just stop and smell the flowers.

And if the flowers happen to match your outfit – well then all for the better! ^__~”

The breeze was picking up Airy’s veil a bit, but the fabric has enough weight to it to stay put on her head.

She can stand very easily on her own thanks to her boots.

Since it’s such a nice day, Airy wanted to relax a bit so after a quick wardrobe change she was ready for a little picnic!

Here she is looking very sweet wearing the Volks “Pink Chiffon Dress Set.” It will fit DD’s with M or L bust, but it looks a bit nicer on the L bust don’t you think? ^__~”

Airy looks a bit like Alice lost in Wonderland with all these pretty flowers all around her!

Another wardrobe change – here’s Airy looking very elegant wearing the “Charlotte Ribbon” Dress. It’s meant for SD13 dolls so the fit is a bit strange. It fits the L-sized bust at the top, however there is a lot of room around the waist. But the bustle-style petticoat gives this gown a beautiful silhouette.

Also, she’s not wearing the the lace arm sleeves that are part of this set because they don’t fit at all since SD13 arms are …erm… fatter… than DD arms! LOL This gown is supposed to be off-shoulder but I moved the little sleeves higher to cover the shoulder joint since they were drooping down on her arms (again, DD arms are slimmer!) and it looked a bit odd.

This angle better shows the silhouette of the gown from the side and back and you can see the lovely details on the gown (but I forgot to steam it before putting it on her! >__<“)

Here Airy is like springtime come alive in the gorgeous Volks Fairy Tale: Spring Pink outfit from the La Parsonal Collection that were released at the Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 8.

The gown fits her beautifully, but you have to be a bit careful with the zipper at the back of the bodice where there is more fabric. The interior of the dress is lined in ivory so there’s no risk of staining. The headpiece can be worn as a garland on top of her Airy’s wig, but I think it looks a little prettier when worn as a headband and fastened behind her neck.

I’m loving this new girl – she’s so versatile and lovely!

My newest Dollfie Dream – Airy!

The postman came to the door with a couple of boxes for me today! Since Makoto doesn’t need to sleep, she was awake when my boxes arrived early this morning! She’s very curious as to what I’ve bought.

Ta-da! It’s a new Dollfie Dream Airy figure by Volks.

Makoto quickly rouses Saber and Alisanne to come greet our new family member.

Here’s Airy fresh out of the box. Makoto lends her a Gloomy Bear to cover herself up with.

(Notice Angry Bunny supervising?! He doesn’t like naked pictures of his girlies online!) LOL

Here’s all of Airy’s accessories that came with her:

– top
– skirt
– overcoat
– cravat
– pantsu
– wig
– headdress
– basket
– Bible
– boots

Saber is thinking that she came with infinitely more stuff!

Here’s Airy all dressed up in her outfit. She looks so sweet, but those eyes are super creepy and simply HAVE to go!

After a bit of work I was able to get her eyes out.
The softer vinyl made it much easier to remove her headcap and also to get the glue and eyes out in one piece by carefully squeezing the head and pressure from a metal cuticle pusher.

Here are some pictures of various eyes while I was trying to decide which would suit Airy best.

In the end I chose the Volks Animetic eyes F Type in Bright Blue (RURI)eyes.

I think they really suit her. They still maintain the integrity of her character but don’t have that creepy emtpy look to them!

Meeting up with Wolfheinrich

My work takes me all over the place, so when I saw that my schedule would take me into Wolfheinrich’s neck of the woods we planned a meeting via Twitter.

We went out for ice cream and he brought his lovely new daughter Airy with him! Isn’t she lovely? He changed out her default eyes so she’s wearing some animetic eyes from CoolCat right now.

I got to see her lovely face sculpt and her sweet smile in person, and was very impressed with the quality of her outfit (everything is lined with light fabrics). I felt a bit sad that because I really liked her more after seeing her in person, and then Wolfheinrich told me that she was available on the Volks International site as a non-lottery item! Well – that did it! I went back to my hotel and bought her on the spot!

I also purchased Wolfhenrich’s spare Avalon sword for my Saber Lily. I was a bit concerned about how to bring it home, but it turns out it fit nicely in my suitcase! It went through 2 airport x-ray scans and no one batted an eye. Apparently Avalon is not a dangerous weapon ^__~” hehe. Please ignore the mess inside my suitcase >__<“!