Review: Volks Flower Tulle Skirt Set (MDD)

I don’t purchase many MDD outfits since I only have one 1:4 sized girl and also because I can usually borrow 1:4 sized clothing from my sister, however hubby fell in love with this sweet outfit set from Volks that was released at the Osaka 7 Dolpa a few weeks ago so I bought it for my little Médée! It’s called the Flower Tulle Skirt Set (DDTK-177) and here is my little cutie pie showing off her new clothes! Whee!

>Volks Flower Tulle Skirt set (MDD)

The adorable hoodie is sized for MSD, all bust ranges of MDD and I have a sneaking thought that I might be able to fit Gabi (DDS with S-bust) into it too ^__~” It features a functional zipper, and cute little bows as fake pockets.

Volks Flower Tulle Skirt set (MDD)

The tank top is made of stretchy ribbed cotton jersey and has a nice wide strip of velcro in the back. The fabric itself is stretchy however the top and bottom edges of the top are not.

Volks Flower Tulle Skirt set (MDD)

The skirt is actually 2 separate pieces! The top layer is a delicate white tulle with a lace trim and elasticized waistband. The main piece of the skirt is very pretty pink chiffon with fuzzy dots and red polka dots and flowers printed on it. The chiffon is layered over white cotton to make the print stand out more. The skirt closes in the back using 2 metal snaps.

Volks Flower Tulle Skirt set (MDD)

There are pair of grey knee-high socks included, and after wearing them for several hours there are no signs of staining.

If you’ve become smitten with it, this super cute set is still available on Volk’s webstore, retail price is 5460 yen.

– ♥ Archangeli

[Disclaimer: I bought this set with my own money. I don’t work for Volks, am not affiliated with them in any way, nor do I get any form of compensation from them. I’m writing these reviews just to share my observations.]

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