Yoko & Yuki on a Playdate

A couple of days ago PlasticFantastic & Sam brought their lovely Yoko and Yuki to visit me and Kevin. She had a fun rummage through my dollie goods, and the girls tried on wigs and clothes. Here’s Yuki wearing the long blonde wig my Lily usually wears – and I think she makes a smashing blonde!

Mélisande is still wearing the stunning RealRed wig from Leeke that Mitsuki sent me and it’s so striking that I haven’t taken it off her yet. I think it brings out the golden colour of her eyes, although her expression is a bit too sweet for her to be my rebel.

Here are Yoko & Yuki in my doll nook – it’s the corner of my desk area where all my dolls hang out. It’s a bit messy, but it’s a living & working space >__<”

If you’re wondering why little Yukiko is in the display case, it’s because one of my cats likes to attack my drapes upstairs, and he also seems to thing that long, swooshy doll dresses are also ok to claw at! >__<” So to protect her pretty dress and prevent her from getting knocked over (since she’s a resin Volks MSD) she’s in the case most of the time.

Yoko is hiding because she’s been naughty and done a bit of shopping! She went through my doll tubs and found some things she liked!

I have a lot of random stuff in those tubs stored away o_O” however, the mini Volks shopping bag is a prop Kevin made for Makoto and Lily last summer.

Then there was dessert (and makeup swapping! hush!) and it was the end to a fun and silly evening! Thanks for popping by guys! Can’t wait to hang out again sometime! 😀


One more bonus picture – here’s PVCFantastic’s Yuki wearing one of my Luts wigs and the Rusty Tartan set. She looked so cute that Gabrielle had to jump in!

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