Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – January 14, 2012

Yesterday a few Dollfie Dream owners met up for lunch and to show off their dolls. I’d previously attended a meetup organized on the GTA Dolls forum, but it was mostly resin owners and PlasticFantastic and I really wanted to try to organizes something for the Dollfie Dream owners. Most of us met up first at Manpuku Modern Japanese Eatery for some delicious udon and rice-bowl goodness before heading out to the food court area in Village by the Grange.

Here are some of the dishes we had: Niku Udon, Curry Vegetable Don,
Niku udon (beef) at Manpuku Curry vegetable don at Manpuku
Natto Udon, Wakame Udon,
Natto udon at Manpuku Wakame udon at Manpuku
Una-tama don (BBQ eel with egg on rice) and takoyaki
Unagi tama don at Manpuku Takoyaki

After stuffing ourselves silly we didn’t have to go far to the food court area where we quickly took over a nice area underneath the skylight to take advantage of the sun, and set up our dolls. Here are the DD & MDD girls that PlasticFantastic, Di-Chan123 and I brought with us-
Dollfie Dream group shot :)

And when juu-yuki arrived with her Sakura we moved the big girls underneath the pretty staircase. Don’t they look great? Here’s Gabrielle, Harley, Aerie, Amber, Yoko and Sakura all together!

Photo by: Machiko

Also, I received a package from mitsuki just before I left the house, so I brought those goodies with me – here’s PlasticFantasic’s Yoko showing off a gorgeous “RealRed” wig from the Leeke winter event! I wasn’t sure what to put Gabrielle in, since her little DDS body looks awkward in some of my Volks oufits, but she looks very cute in the Stylish Tartan outfit!
Yoko and Gabrielle

Here is my Médée with di-chan123’s adorable little Yami. They became fast friends and started gossiping about the big girls!
Médée and Yami
Photo by: di-chan123

Yami has a secret for Médée

But when Médée borrowed this little bear puppet from Delilah, she was not amused!
Médée and Yami with Delilah

Here are a few tiny dolls belonging to whitefrosty and Machiko: Yukio, Myles, Lareine and Delilah.
Yukio, Myles, Lareine and Delilah

This is my Aerie, and PlasticFantastic’s Amber – both are DD Airy sculpts but it’s amazing how different they look with different wigs and eyes!
Aerie and Amber

Here are all of the dolls all together!
Big group shot

This meetup was a great success – I had a really nice time meeting some of the local doll owners and hope we can turn this into a regular thing! All of my photos from the meetup can be seen on my Flickr.

Group shot of us at Manpuku

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