Assembling a Dollfie Dream Sister Body

Volks has been very slow in re-stocking the Dollfie Dream DDII base bodies for many months, so I went ahead and decided to piece together a Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS) body myself. The DDS is actually my favourite of the body types right now – I like the size, the posing ability and it’s not as tall and lanky as the new DDIII bodies. If you’re interested in doing this yourself, it’s not cheap since you have to purchase all the body pieces from Volks, and hopefully they will all be in stock >__<”

To build a complete body you will need:

  • a Dollfie Dream head (not pictured)
  • DDS-BF-01 / Upper Torso Internal Frame [usually out of stock, so be patient for this!]
  • DDS bust – DDS-B-01 / M Bust (although DDII bust pieces will bit too, which is why the Shapely-L bust is in this photo)
  • DDS-A-01 / Arms (sold as a pair)
  • DDS-W-01 / Waist & lower torso
  • DDS-HL-01 / Thighs (sold as a pair)
  • DDS-LL-01 / Shins (sold as a pair)
  • DDS-FO-01 / Feet (sold as a pair)
  • hands (many options shown, but you only need one pair to complete the body)

Assembling a Dollfie Dream Sister

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