Dollfie Dream Hallowe’en Meetup in Toronto – October 27, 2012

Last Saturday some members of the local Dollfie Dream community got together for a nice afternoon out with our dolls! We met for lunch downtown at the Marché restaurant and there was a wonderful gathering of beautiful dolls! This is an early group shot – a few girls came later ^__^”

I guess I’ll start by introducing some of these lovely girls!

On the left is my Annalise, dressed up in a beautiful black gown from DollHeart. FYI, this dress fits the L-bust and DDdy’s splendidly and doesn’t stain! I did change Annalise onto a DDS body to create the illusion that the dress was longer. I thought it looked odd as an ankle-length gown on the DD3 body, which is so tall! As it is, the dress is just long enough for her shoes too peek out at the bottom. ^__~”

Meo’ brought his lovely Kud with him, and also an adorable little Panda Mamachapp!
Meo's girls :)

Choco brought his Sasara (in the middle here), and PlasticFantastic brought Madeleine (custom HDD-06) and Yoko.

MDD time! Here’s PlasticFantastic’s Cirno with my Médée
Cirno and Médée

And also di-chan123’s Shana (MDD Louise) dressed up as CardCaptor Sakura!
Shana as Sakura!

Towering over Médée is Serena in this gorgeous white and pink gown. Serena looks absolutely gorgeous.
Médée and Serena

Almost hidden behind the frills of Serena’s dress is PlasticFantastic’s Mio.

More lovely girls! ^__^”
Photo by: Aya’s Toy Box

On the left we have Meo’s beautiful Tamaki in a beautiful red flowing dress.

Gabrielle is being a cute little witch with a Kuroneko on her head. I’m not used to seeing her as a blonde, but I think she looks quite adorable.

Next in that group photo is MrCool’s Harumi, a silicone girl from LovelyDoll, and then twin Saber Alter’s side by side! One is AyaToyBox’s Saber and the other is CenturyStory’s Primula.

Saber Alters! CenturyStory's Primula on the right

Saber Alter was very popular! Here’s HyperCurve’s Saber Alter too!
HyperCurve's Saber Alter

We had a small group of cute resin dolls at the meet too!
Lareine, Yukio, Eliza, Myles and Sora
Machiko brought Lareine (RosenLied WS Sage – on the far left) wearing a pretty kimono and Sora (Volks YoSD Kakeru) dressed as a cute little sheep. Whitefrosty brought two of her little boys – Yukio (Volks YoSD Puff) is dressed as a ladybug and is hogging all the candy! Myles (Luts Honey Delf Taffy) is dressed up as a little bumblebee and looking a bit miffed at Yukio! Keiko brought her MSD resin girl Eliza (Luts La Serenita Pine).
Sheepy Sora

Here are nkei’s twin Mariko’s. One is called Aiko.

A few more photos from our afternoon:
Cirno and Yoko!
Yoko & Cirno

Shana and Médée
Shana & Médée

The girls lined up on the ledge –

That kitty and Eliza are making the same face! LOL

Since the restaurant is like an open marketplace, everyone was eating at different times, so I didn’t get to take photos of everyone’s tasty food. Here’s one that whitefrosty took of some of our desserts –

It was great seeing all the dolls dressed up, and it was a fun afternoon! Special shout outs to HyperCurve, Aya’sToyBox and Keiko since it was their first time coming out to a doll meet! I hope you had fun! ^__^”

Until next time!
– ♥ Archangeli

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