Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – September 15, 2012

It’s hard to believe that summer has come and gone, and that it’s already September. This past Saturday some of the Dollfie Dream owners in Toronto got together for our monthly meetup, and this time we had a special guest – Mahoro was visiting from Edmonton, Canada! I’d previously met Mahoro in Tokyo back in May at Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Night, but Mahoro was bemoaning the fact that there are no other DD owners in Edmonton for him to hang out with. [So, if you’re a Dollfie Dream owner from Edmonton reading this – say hi!] Well, that just made me sad, so our community arranged to have a meetup while he was in town!

Back to School Dollfie Dream Meet in Toronto

Back row: Kai-suteki’s Tai, nkei’s Setsuko (DD Beatrice), my Gabrielle and Rin Tohsaka, PlasticFantastic’s Odette and Cirno, di-chan123’s Shana (MDD Louise)
Front row: tanu-chan’s Kairi, nkei’s Mai, PlasticFantastic’s Mio, juu-yuki’s Airi (DD Rina), PlasticFantastic’s Yoko, Mahoro’s Haruka, MrCool0236’s Harumi, AgentPanda’s Penny and Machiko’s Sora.

Our theme this month was “Back to School” so there were lots of cute schoolgirl uniforms about!

This meetup was a bit different from our others because Mahoro suggested we try to take some photos in a school yard. Since it’s getting cooler now, I didn’t think it would be as nice to sit around in a school yard for several hours – and there was always the odd chance of being asked to leave by weekend staff @__@” We decided to meet downtown in Chinatown at the One Hour Cafeteria for some light snacks and to hang out a bit. We managed to squeeze all 14 of us around one big table!

Obligatory food pics! Some noodle dishes:
Zha Jiang Noodles at One Hour Cafeteria, Toronto
Beef and noodles in beef broth  at One Hour Cafeteria, Toronto
Crèpe with banana, strawberry & nutella
Got crèpe?

Cheesecake in a Jar! So tasty!

Once everyone arrived, PlasticFantastic opened up her newest Dollfie Dream – Mio! PF is a big K-ON fan and has wanted to add a Mio to her doll family for a while, and I helped bring her from her previous owner over to Toronto.

PlasticFantastic opening up her new girl - Mio!

Here’s Mio! (She looks cute as a blonde, doesn’t she?)
Reflecting Mio

MrCool0236 brought his silicone doll Harumi and it was very interesting getting to handle the silicone body. MrCool0236 let me play around with her a bit and help dress her up. I have so much to say about Harumi that I’ll make a whole separate blog post about her at a later date!
Hello Harumi!

Since our theme was “Back to School” it made sense to go to a school! We walked down to the nearby Ryerson Public School and unpacked our dolls. A big group of Dollfies usually attracts lots of attention, but even though we were right off of a busy street, we didn’t have many too people come by.

Here are all our lovely girls (and one little boy ^__~” Sora had a harem again! Haha!)
Back to School Dollfie Dream Meet in Toronto

Sora looks really cute in this casual outfit. He’s a Volks yo-SD Kakeru with custom faceup and a new pair of blue eyes.

AgentPanda’s little Penny is so studious she even brought her books with her! Penny, it’s Saturday! Sometimes it’s alright to take a day off from studying!

It must be an MDD trait to be studious because PlasticFantastic’s Cirno can’t put her textbook down either!
PlasticFantastic's Cirno

PlasticFantastic’s Yoko, MrCool0236’s Harumi and Mahoro’s Haruka are so adorable in their sailor schoolgirl uniforms!
Sailor girls!

Kai-suteki’s Tai was also sporting a sailor schoolgirl uniform – but she added a bit of bling to her ensemble! I hope the Headmaster at her school doesn’t get upset! 0__0″

nkei’s Setsuko looks very lovely in this maid outfit, and her Mai is very fetching in this hakama.
Setsuko and Mai

Rin had the munchies so she found something yummy on a stick.
My Rin Tohsaka

Since Mio is perpetually hungry, once she saw Rin with a snack, she had to have something to eat too!
PlasticFantastic's Mio

Then most of us went off into small groups to take photos in the schoolyard and playground. Gabi, Mio and Odette are the Detective Trio! Is there a mystery for them to solve?
Detective Trio!

Juu-yuki’s Airi and Mahoro’s Haruka were good music students and went off to practice a bit, but quite soon got distracted. Haruka with Airi-chan

Airi was quite amused by Machiko’s little yellow birds.
Airi with birds (edited)

It seems the birds took to Haruka too!
Haruka and birds!

My little Gabrielle went off on her own in the playground and had some fun!
Gabi loves playgrounds!

Whee! Slides are fun!

She invited her senpai Odette-san to come play with her.
Gabrielle and Odette

Gabi and Rin like school a lot, but recess is still the best part because you get to hang out with your friends!
Gabrielle and Rin

… and play in the schoolyard! ^__~”
Gabrielle and Rin

Here’s Gabi with PlasticFantastic’s Yoko.
Gabi and Yoko

Mahoro’s Haruka is telling Yoko all about what life is like in Edmonton.
Haruka and Yoko

Harumi and Yoko were being monkeys on the monkey-bars!
Harumi and Yoko being monkeys!

Rin had some fun on the monkey bars too.

Mai was also showing off her balancing skills – look at those killer heels!
nkei's Mai

Di-chan123 couldn’t make it because she wasn’t feeling well, but Shana got to come in her stead. I hope you’re feeling better Di-chan!
di-chan123's Shana (MDD Louise)

Usually after a meet-up, most of go our separate ways and perhaps a few of us stick around and go out for dinner. This time almost all of us went out to dinner together, which was really nice because we were able to chat and get to know each other a little more! For dinner we went to a nice little Korean restaurant in Kensington Market called Jang Soo Chon – and again here are some more obligatory food pictures! ^__~”

Beef and rice cakes with rice
Beef and rice cakes on rice

My Hotpot #3 – I always forget what it’s called but it’s my favourite dish here. It’s beef, glass noodles and veggies in a really delicious broth. It’s one of the few “safe” things I can have because it’s not spicy.
Hot pot #3 lol

Bi Bim Bap

Cha Shiu Ramen
Cha Shiu Ramen

I wasn’t sure what to expect from today’s meet since we were on the move so much – we usually meet and hang out in one spot. If we had gotten kicked off the school grounds it would have been very disappointing, but my crazy plan actually worked out quite splendidly! It was really great to be able to spend a nice, relaxing day with new and old friends and it was awesome having Mahoro visit us too! I hope you come back to see us again soon!

(To see the rest of my photos from this meet, go to my Flickr – HERE)

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (extra):

Misskale’s DD Mirai head is visiting. She will be going to “the spa” to get a new face-up. Next time we see her she will look very different!
Dollfie Dream Mirai head

3 thoughts on “Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – September 15, 2012

  1. I love the theme! The photos came out beautifully, especially with the playground background. Such a lovely bunch of girls(and one boy!) 😉 I miss meetups >< I hope you have something nice planned for the Halloween meet!!

  2. [So, if you’re a Dollfie Dream owner from Edmonton reading this – say hi!] I’m here *waving* trying to setup a meet for next weekend. Will share photos if all goes well XD

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