Natsuki’s New Home

Several weeks ago I had the lovely Volks Dollfie Dream Natsuki pass through my home before I sent her off to her her owner in California – A.Z. She arrived very quickly and her new papa sent me some lovely photos of her once she was settled in. Here’s Natsuki before I packed her up to go on her adventure!
Natsuki in Leeke Real Red

A.Z. put Natsuki onto a DDS body, and I helped him find Natsuki’s “Alternate wig” so that she could stay a charming red-head. She looks absolutely adorable in this hakama-style robe.
Aston's Natsuki

Here she is wearing a lovely pink dress from Volks.
Aston's Natsuki

And she looks very demure in this lovely blue cocktail dress.
Aston's Natsuki

It always makes me happy when dolls get rehomed to new owners who will love them and take care of them. A.Z. has a few other adorable girls in his Dollfie Dream family and they were recently featured in the Volks USA blog – you can meet them here!

Thank you for the pictures A.Z! I hope to see more of your lovely Natsuki in the future!

– ♥ Archangeli

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