Lazy Afternoon with Mio-chan!

I’ve currently got a Dollfie Dream Mio visiting at my house – and I was given permission by new owner to take her out to play today. I don’t know anything about the K-ON series, and didn’t care much for Mio’s default wig so I tried some other looks on her.

This is one of the wigs Rin usually wears, and it gives Mio a tom-boyish look.

There’s something about her open-mouthed sculpt that makes her look perpetually hungry, even when she’s just lounging around.

So, like a good doll-sitter, I fed her ^__~”

She’s quite a cutie. This little Mio has a backstory to her too, but when it’s the right time, I’ll let her new owner share it.

– ♥ Archangeli

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