Moe & Paw go out for breakfast!

Yesterday morning I was in Vancouver again, but this time in Richmond (closer to the airport) so I made plans to meet up with puppy52 for breakfast! We met at Denny’s, and she brought her new girl Paw with her! I brought Moe with me for our morning meat! :3 And look at the heaps of food that we had! 0_0″

Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

The girls had a big breakfast sandwich to share too!
Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

Funny story – the waitress at the restaurant was very curious and interested in our Dollfie Dreams and had lots of questions. She recognized that they must be from Japan right away (because she said they had anime faces!) but she was most interested in where I got the sandwich! Ahaha! ^__^”

Paw is a custom HDD-06 head that puppy52 painted to recreate one of her own custom characters. She has a very cute face, with a little bit of spunk that you can see in her eyes and eyebrows.
Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

We had a lovely time chatting over breakfast about dolls, cats and other stuff. After eating, we found a nice spot to take some pictures of our girs. Here are Moe & Paw under a shady tree and some pretty rocks.
Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

There was a small pond with koi fish and lily plants behind the benches. The fish were shy, but at least the girls weren’t!
Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

Paw is so cute and sassy! I love her short red hair, it’s so adorable!
Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

Paw was very energetic and decided to monkey herself into a tree!
Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012
(She was actually sitting in the tree unsupported – what a good monkey!)

While Paw was monkeying around, Moe found another pretty rock garden. “I’ll have a cute Dollfie, straight up, on the rocks, please!” ^__~”
"I'll have a Dollfie on the Rocks, please" ^__~"

Thank you puppy52 for coming out to see me. I know it was a bit of a crazy adventure with your bike and everything @__@” We’ll find something less troublesome next time!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (extra):

Finally got to see puppy52’s super cool folding bicycle – the Strida Mini!
puppy52's mini-Strida!

6 thoughts on “Moe & Paw go out for breakfast!

    • Please do let me know! We can make a mini-meat around your visit. We’re having one this weekend because Mahoro is visiting from Edmonton; and in a couple weeks whe TheBobness and chef17 come!

      • Oh FANTASTIC!

        Christmas and New Years is always a busy time for most people with family stuff, so it may be best to wait until after the new year to put together a meet – how does Jan 5th or so sound?
        Or possibly the 29th.
        It’s still quite a while away so we’ll see what works better for people closer to the date (and also what places are open!)

  1. Ahh, the Strida Mini of LEGEND!!!! XD

    Ginko and Yoshi are my two favorite online kitties… their blog is so cute!
    And… a Moe on the rocks,, lol… I am amused, so very amused.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know, I read each and every one of your blog posts… but sometimes WordPress hates me and won’t let me log in ;_;

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