Assembling a Dollfie Dream Dynamite 3 (DDdy3) Body – NSFW

At the recent Dolpa in Sendai, Volks released three new optional body parts into the lineup that can be used to build a Dollfie Dream Dynamite 3 (DDdy3) body. This is a further step in their plan to release the new bodies in pieces so that you can customize your own girl from each step. I’ve handled the DDdy2 body before, and although I was attracted to the curvaceous figure and hourglass shape of the body, there were a few drawbacks that put me off getting (or making) a DDdy girl of my own. First of all, the way the thighs were designed made it difficult for them to sit properly, and they were a bit more finicky to balance when standing. However, with the release of DD Haruka Niimi earlier this year, Volks addressed these issues and solved them with the new DDdy3 body. I had previous handled T-Rho’s and PlasticFantastic’s DDdy3 girls and was quite pleased with it so decided to “upgrade” one of my girls.  I was able to obtain the DDdy3 pieces and am going to share how I put the body together.

I’ve put a NSFW tag because there will be naked dolls, so proceed with your own discretion!
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