Dollfie Dream Tea Party – February 2012

I invited a few friends over to my house today for a doll tea party. Juu-Yuki, PlasticFantastic, whitefrosty and Machiko came over and look at the feast that their dolls had! Juu-Yuki brought her lovely Sakura and Rina, PF brought Asuka, Yoko, Amber and her new HDD-06 girl, tentatively named Madeleine. Machiko brought her little resin girls Delilah and Lareine, and whitefrosty brought little Myles and Mishka.
Doll Tea Party

Table setting

Doll Tea Party

Little Myles was trying to sneak at all the sweets before everyone arrived!
Myles sneaking at the treats

Of course, there were lots of goodies for the humans too – in afternoon tea-style, Kevin and I prepared a selection of finger-sandwiches, mini quiches, homemade lemon scones and cookies, and PlasticFantastic also brought homemade cookies and a coffee cake!

Sandwiches, lemon scones, mini quiches and homemade cookies!

Mini sandwiches Selection of jams and devon cream

Of course, lots of photos were taken of all the lovely dolls that came over! Here are my Aerie, Moe and Mélisande. They are still wearing their lolita outfits from the big meetup last weekend, but I’ve been working non-stop this week and didn’t really have time to change them into anything.
Aerie, Moe and Mélisande

Here’s Mélisande with PlasticFantastic’s Asuka and Yoko. This was a very special day for Asuka because it was the first time she’s been out to a meetup! Her faceup was done by the very talented Hikaru132. She looks much sweeter than the Volks default, but still has that spunky Asuka attitude!

Mélisande, Asuka & Yoko

Here are Juu-Yuki’s Sakura and Rina, looking very pretty in their kimonos.
Sakura & Rina

Even my little Volks MSD girl came out to say hi – this is Yukiko, a Miisha kit. She usually sit in a protective case in my room, but I brought her out for the day. She’s hanging out with her sister Médée.
Yukiko & Médée

Here are Machiko’s tiny resin girls, Lareine and Delilah, having their own little tea party setup. Isn’t the little Rilakkuma set adorable?!
Delilah & Lareine

We did a bit of wardrobe change, and a few girls changed into kimono for a quick group photo. I think they look so lovely (but Lareine looks like she’s being bratty about having to share the photo with all the other girls).

Afterwards, the girls got back into their casual clothes for another group photo.
Doll Tea Party - with wardrobe changes!

The full set of my pictures from today’s meet are in this Flickr set!

Thanks for coming everyone! ♥ It was my pleasure having you in my home! I hope you had a nice time, and see you all soon!
~ Archangeli

(and some parting love from Bubba! ^__~” ♥)
Doll Tea Party + Bubba!

14 thoughts on “Dollfie Dream Tea Party – February 2012

  1. This was an absolutely awesome tea party!

    Was this the party with the Macarons? … when PlasticFantastic was texting me about how much better dessert is in Canada?

    Ok, that’s not what she said… it’s just the conclusion I’ve come to.

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