Dollfie Dream Meetup in Niagara – September 20, 2014

This month we decided to take our doll meet to a completely different location! We tend to stick around Toronto, but we have lots of attendees that come from out of town so we decided to spend our day out in the Niagara region. We met up at the botanical gardens for a little picnic. This is the best time of year for fresh peaches, apples and other fruits and we purchased some from a local orchard.

What we underestimated was how windy it would be! Here are the dolls before girls started getting blown over, and huge tree branches started falling from the sky!

Doll Meet out in Niagara

It was absurdly windy so I didn’t take very many photos. Does this look like PlasticFantastic’s Yuki and Rin are relaxing in the grass? Nope – the wind blew them over!

AlphaZ took Rin on a little adventure and managed a few snapshots before coming back to the group.

Doll Meet out in Niagara

When the flying leaves became too much to bear, we packed up and drove into Niagara-on-the-Lake to enjoy the town. We did a bit of window-shopping before having a wonderful dinner at the Olde Angel Inn.

This ended up being a small doll meet since the dates overlapped with Dollism in the US, but it was a lovely day nonetheless.

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

PlasticFantastic and I being fabulous :3
Making our prettiest faces while waiting for dinner on Saturday. XD #NiagaraOnTheLake #AngelInn

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