Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – July 19, 2014

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts and updates! In addition to sorting out the mess from finishing up our renovation, my desktop computer died in mid-July >_<” I have had so many lovely photos from our doll meets and am only finally catching up on uploading them.

In mid-July we planned to meet up on the Toronto Islands for a lovely beach picnic, with special guest Otakusan167 visiting us too! However things don’t always go to plan. Otakusan167 had a family emergency so his travel plans changed and he wasn’t able to join us, and also the day turned out to be gray and rainy so we had to hide indoors at an alternate location. Luckily Marché is not too far away from the ferry terminal so we were able to regroup and meet there instead.

Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

Despite the poor weather there was great turn-out and lots of beautiful dolls!

I brought the newest addition to our doll family – Sasara Kusugawa! A few friends guessed that this was the mystery girl that I brought home a few weeks ago ^^ Technically she is AlphaZ’s new princess, but she’s slowly growing on me. She’s much prettier in person than I expected.


I also brought Gabi with me – if she looks a bit different it’s because she is using the special one-piece SS-bust torso. She looks so slim and svelte!
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

Serena came out too because she really wanted to go to the beach! She even had brand new bikini – but alas she’ll have to save it for another time. Drats!
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

Gabi and Sasara are hanging out with MrCool’s Yukino.
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

PlasticFantastic brought Maddie out and here she is buddying up to AkaTG’s Horo.
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

AkaTG also brought Alice who is looking very relaxed in this casual Volks outfit.

Here is PlasticFantastic’s customized Yoko – Poppy – who hasn’t been out for a little while. She’s so sweet and charming.
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

Tallenvyare brought lovely Emiko in the recently released Volks Blue Lollipop set, and she is sporting some gorgeous nail art!
I think she borrowed these hands from Meo just for the day, but they are so fierce and awesome!

Poiyo bought her M.O.M.O. who is looking so pretty in this kimono.

We had a first-time attendee to one of our meets this month 🙂 This doll is Willow (Angel of Dream RAO v.1) who belongs to WildMusings.
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

I’m often asked by people who are interested in Dollfie Dreams but don’t own one yet if they are still allowed to come to our meetups. The answer is a resounding – YES! It’s a great way to see the dolls, and we are very eager to answer any questions that prospective owners may have. We are also not a strictly “vinyl-only” group – if you own resin BJD’s and want to bring a doll with you that’s great!

This beautiful resin girl is Lynari, a Customhouse/Ai Dolls Sia, who belongs to Nurlindae.
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

Meo brought two of his special customized DD girls. This is an elf-eared custom of the HDD-05 head (Sirius sculpt).

And this is his quirky girl who’s always got her tongue sticking out 😛

The French Bistro area of the restaurant has lots of natural light which is great for photo taking.
Horo (AkaTG edit)

Gabi is dreaming of traveling to Paris? Random tidbit – she’ actually wearing a top that’s intended for Mini-Dollfie Dream! That’s how tiny the SS bust!
Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto

I’m hopeful that the weather will be sunny and warm for our meet next month so that we can head down to Ward’s Island.

– ♥ Archangeli

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