Dollfie Dream Picnic on Ward’s Island, Toronto

Last weekend, I met up with a few Dollfie Dream owners and we took the ferry from downtown Toronto to Ward’s Island for a potluck picnic and a lovely afternoon in the sun. The weather was perfect and we found a beautiful spot on the island with a gorgeous view of the Toronto skyline and a little piece of beach nearby.

We originally had the dolls sitting underneath parasols to protect them from UV exposure, but as the afternoon wore on the shade shifted. Here are all of the beautiful dolls relaxing in the shade.
DD picnic on Ward Island

Here are PlasticFantastic’s Amber, and Machiko’s little resin girls Lareine and Delilah. The UV sunlight exposure isn’t a huge issue with the vinyl Dollfie Dream girls, but it was important to keep the little resin dolls out of direct sunlight since it can cause yellowing of the resin over time.
Amber, Lareine and Delilah

Hinata is making friends with PlasticFantastic’s new MDD Cirno, Di-Chan123’s Yoko and Juu-Yuki’s Lily.
Hinata, Cirno, Yoko and Lily

Gabrielle wore her swimsuit in anticipation of going for a swim! While everyone was eating she just lounged about on the towel.

Nkei’s pretty white-skin vinyl girls made a gorgeous trio – they are DD Lucy, Mariko and Nia.
Lucy, Mariko and Nia

This is Meo’s little Noumi wandering about in someone’s garden.
Curious little kitsune

Mashiro made a special appearance to hang out with Cirno and Hinata.
Mashiro, Cirno and Hinata

The view of the downtown Toronto cityscape was beautiful from the island.
Downtown Toronto skyline

And there were swans and ducks gliding along Lake Ontario near the shoreline of the island.

There are lots of bike trails and cute little cottages on the islands. Some of them look like they are straight out of a storybook.
Cottage on Ward Island

Everyone brought something yummy to share and we had a delicious assortment of food and drinks!
Potluck picnic lunch!

We didn’t have too many people coming by the area of the island we were on, but some of the residential housecats on the island stopped by to play with us!
Kitty wants to play!

Photo by: Machiko

When no one was looking, Lareine and Delilah went on an adventure to explore the flower gardens.

And then they hijacked Sam’s RC Jeep and went for a ride!
Lareine and Delilah

Gabrielle, Lily Yoko and Hinata decided to do a bit of sunbathing and playing on the beach.
Gabrielle on the beach

Lily in the Sand (close)
Photo by: PlasticFantastic

Hinata at the Beach

DD Picnic - di-chan123
Photo by: di-chan123

Gabrielle on the beach

And afterwards needed to recharge so she drank a whole lot of soda! 0__0″
Cirno and Gabrielle

It really was a perfect day and I had a wonderful time! I took quite a few photos at the DD picnic and you can check them out in this Flickr set.

– ♥ Archangeli

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