Welcome Home Dollfie Dream Sakura Matou!

Today a few of my girls helped me to formally welcome home the newest Dollfie Dream the family! Aerie, Serena, Lily, Rin and Médée would like to introduce Sakura Matou!

Sakura Matou Arrives!

I’m very excited to have Rin Tohsaka’s sister from Fate/Stay Night, but she is also Serena’s sister since I adopted her from my late friend D.ark. I’m very honoured to be able to give this pretty girl a loving new home.

Sakura Matou Arrives!

I had brought Rin with me to London, to greet her new sister, but it seemed fitting that Serena should be the first to help her out of her box.
“Hello Sakura, I’ve missed you dear sister! Welcome to our new home!”
Sakura Matou Arrives!

Here is the first peek at Sakura’s adorable face through her packaging.
Sakura Matou Arrives!

Angry Bunny hopped over pretty quickly to make sure there was no dolly nudity! 0__0″
Sakura Matou Arrives!
But since Sakura is an adoption, and not coming from Volks I knew she wasn’t going to have any funny business like 2 left feet going on! LOL

Here’s a close-up of her face. Isn’t she pretty?
Sakura Matou Arrives!
I was a bit surprised when I learned the Volks made DD Sakura with a large bust. I know she’s a bit busty in some artwork and figures but I don’t feel that it suits her and I plan to change her to a Medium bust soon.

These are all the other goodies that came with Sakura.
Sakura Matou Arrives!
Her default outfit is the Homurabara Academy Uniform, but instead of a red coat (which is Rin’s signature item) she comes with a cute pink apron. Also, her shoes are tan and she comes with short white socks.
(Ok, I cheated a bit – those are Rin’s default panties in the photo. It seems the Panty Monster ate Sakura’s o_0″)

The vest and blouse have clear plastic snap fasteners – the kind that I really don’t like but most Volks outfits from around this period seem to use them. The inside of the black skirt has a white lining, but the zipper is black. The black zipper actually isn’t a big deal if you dress the doll with the white blouse tucked into the skirt.
Sakura Matou Arrives!

One of the optional outfits for Sakura was this Black Transformation Set which came with the dress, wig and alternate eyes for Sakura.
Sakura Matou Arrives!

Even though the dress is partially lined in white inside, the black zipper runs all the way up the back of the neck, and the lining stops around the hips. There are also red and black thread that could touch the doll, so I’ll have to use a turtleneck style bodystocking underneath this dress to protect against stains.
Sakura Matou Arrives!
The alternate wig is a very pretty pale blue, and the alternate red eyes are really pretty! I’m going to have to remove Sakura’s eyes to try them in her head later.

Several months ago, when I first teased about Serena’s arrival, people started guessing which doll she was based on her smile. A few people guessed that it might have been Sakura. I must say, that side-by-side there is quite a resemblance.
Sakura Matou Arrives!
Sakura has a more pronounced nose, more undulation to her lips and her jawline is not as pointed as the Yuki Morikawa sculpt.
I think this Fairy Pink wig from Miruya suits Sakura very nicely.

Sakura is very excited to meet her sister Rin again! There wasn’t much time for them to get to get to know each other before getting packed up for the trip home.
Sakura Matou Arrives!

Sakura Matou Arrives!

This magical duo wasted no time getting to know each other.
Sakura Matou Arrives!
I think the angle of this photo shows how distorted and odd the uniform looks on the Large Bust o_0″ I’m definitely going to be changing Sakura to the M-bust.

Thank you for joining me to welcome Sakura home! I’m very happy to be able to take care of another of my friend’s girl, and reunite her with Serena. You can expect to see more of her charming face soon!
Sakura Matou Arrives!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (extra):

Médée looking adorable in the afternoon sunlight!
Sakura Matou Arrives!

6 thoughts on “Welcome Home Dollfie Dream Sakura Matou!

  1. D.ark was always very kind to me, I’m glad her girl is in good hands ^-^
    Welcome home, Sakraaaa~ 😀 (Sakura is the doll that got me interested in the hobby)

  2. Lurking as always, lol! Love your new girl, and it’s so wonderful that you can take care of a good friend’s girls like this. Plus, now they’ll get to enjoy all those sweets you guys are always noming on. XD

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