Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – January 5, 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I spent the first few days of 2013 in bed with the flu, but I medicated myself to make it to the first Dollfie Dream meetup of the year in Toronto, with our special guest Otakusan167 who was visiting from Alberta, Canada! I’m a bit behind with my blogging but I’m going to do my best to catch up over the next few days!

Doll Meet in Toronto!

Since I had zero energy to dress up my girls in new outfits, I brought Aerie and Gabi with me, since they were already dressed up for the “Winter Casual” theme ^__~” Gabi is wearing her pretty pink coat still from her visit to Germany
Photo by: Otakusan167

And Aerie is wearing this cute bunny-accented outfit –

I didn’t realize it until I got home, but I brought Gabi and Aerie with me to our first meetup last January too! What a funny coincidence! ^__^”

Here’s the monster fruit and chocolate crèpe that PlasticFantastic had~!
Monster crepe!!
The portions at Marché are very generous 0__0″

Otakusan167 brought Kobato with him from Edmonton. She has to be one of the loveliest customized 06 heads I’ve seen!
Otakusan's Kobato

T-Rho brought her adorable Alana and her pretty Maeve out to this meet. I haven’t seen T-Rho in ages so it was great that she was able to make it to this meet!
Alana & Maeve

These cute little Mamachapps are Momo-chan and Panda! They belong to T-Rho and Meo.
Panda and Momo-chan

Meo brought his gorgeous Tamaki and she looks so soft and pretty in this pink sweater ensemble.
Meo's Tamaki

Tanu-chan brought Kairi, who is still on a “borrowed” resin body, but she looks so sweet and pretty that it doesn’t matter! ^__~”
Tanu-chan's Kairi

PlasticFantastic brought her mini Dollfie Dream Cirno out today –
PlasticFantastic's Cirno

As well PF brought the newest additions to her doll family – Mashiro!! Isn’t she pretty?
PlasticFantastic's Mashiro

And this is the [yet unnamed] pre-painted 07 head from Volks. I like the eyes that she chose for her!

Di-chan123’s custom Sakura was a bit shy, so she was sticking to Cirno for most of the meet.
Sakura & Cirno

She also brought Harley out, who if I remember correctly was at our first meetup last January too!
di-chan123's Harley

Juu-Yuki brought her pretty Sakura, who was also at the meet last January!
juu-yuki's Sakura

Machiko brought a few of her little resin kids out. Here’s Delilah looking absolutely adorable –
Machiko's Delilah

She also brought her little guy Sora, who is wearing his newly acquired Flying Squirrel outfit from Volks. (Very new – he just unpackaged it bit earlier in the meet! LOL Thanks theBobness!! ❤ )
Yukio and Sora
Whitefrosty’s little Yukio is giving Sora’s fluffy outfit a poke! Hehe!

Whitefrosty also brought Myles along – who is so cute in this seal hat!! Omg!!!
Myles and Delilah

MrCool brouht his girls Harumi and Yukino!
Harumi and Yukino

I didn’t get many photos of the girls at the far end because people were sitting there eating and chatting, so it was hard for me to sneak in. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out! >__<”

It was nice having a big ledge to stand all the dolls on, even if the bull backdrop and setting was a bit… well… ugly! 😛
Doll Meet in Toronto!

It was nice to see everyone, since we didn’t have a meetup during December. I can’t wait for our next meet – where hopefully I won’t be sick and feeling gross! >__<"

– ♥ Archangeli

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