Doll Meat & Afternoon Tea in Vancouver – January 19, 2013

A few days ago I met up with my friends Puppy52 & her hubby, LightningSabre, Shigematsu, cheesienpaw and Galamirix for afternoon tea at the Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver, Canada. A few lovely dollies came with us too!

I brought my newest girl with me – Nana-chan, who is a pre-painted Volks 07 head. She has a beautiful mature look, and a little hint of a neko-mouth ^__^”
Photo by: puppy52

I only had my little point and shoot camera, so I’m going to borrow some photos from my friends that were there ^__~” Here are some of the dollies that came out for tea: Lightning Sabre‘s Meiko, my Nana, Kentaro’s little SQ-LAB Moe, puppy52’s Saya, Chiseen‘s Lorina.
Group shot
Photo by: puppy52

Puppy52 brought beautiful Saya (DD Sakuya) who was dressed for a mild winter day. I love her pretty coat!

LightningSabre brought his custom MEIKO, who is cosplaying as Reiko today!

Cheesienpaw brought her gorgeous Volks SDGr Lorina, Misa-chan. This grey wig really brings out the blue in her eyes.

Photo by: chiseen

Shigematsu brought his newly arrived SQ-LABs head, Moe along with LtSid’s chibi version! Double the Moe!

The SQ-LAB 1:6 body is very cute. The knees are bit kicky, but it’s not too hard to handle.

Everyone got their own pot of tea, so there were a lot of teapots on the table!

I ordered a lovely tea called Grand Wedding – it’s a black tea is blended with sunflowers and exotic fruits. It was mildly fruity and not too astringent. However, I need to remember that having a whole pot of tea to myself so late in the afternoon is not wise – I slept all of about 20 minutes later that night and I had to go to work the next day (although I was still a bit buzzed from the caffeine even halfway through Sunday!). I hate my caffeine sensitivity >__<"
TWG Grand Wedding

Puppy52’s mini Mamachapp Ebichu was getting into all kinds of mischief and cuteness!

Since we made our reservation only a few days before the meet, the tea salon was already fully booked. Instead, we were seated in the bistro area in the retail space of the store. It was actually kind of nice having all the space for all the dolls to hang out! ^__~”

The food was so beautifully presented and very delicious! It was a nice mix of savoury items, sweets and refreshing fruits. Here is the Signature Tea (two portions) that I shared with Shigematsu.

On the bottom tiers were savoury items that were slightly infused with tea.
Sandwiches & Savouries

On the middle tier were scones, Devon cream, ‘Geisha Peach’ preserves, and chocolate dipped dragon fruit. I found the scones a bit hard and dry, but I’m generally quite picky about my scones.
scones and dragon fruit

On the top tier were the petit fours, macarons (one mint, one Grand Wedding inspired), chocolates and fruit.
sweets & fruit

Afterward the manager came by to chat with us about our experience, and to ask a few questions about the dolls. He was very friendly and invited us to take photos in one of the showcase: so here’s Nana with a $7000 sterling silver teapot ^__~”
Nana in the showcase

Thank you everyone for coming out and making my short visit to Vancouver so memorable! I had a wonderful time & can’t wait to be back!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Here’s little Ebichu having some fun with some miniature tea tins! She’s so cute!!
Doll Meet in Vancouver- Ebichu!

2 thoughts on “Doll Meat & Afternoon Tea in Vancouver – January 19, 2013

    • It was quite spectacular!

      I went for afternoon tea at one of the fancy hotels in downtown Toronto last weekend and it wasn’t nearly as lovely as the Urban Tea Merchant. If you’re ever in Vancouver I highly recommend checking it out!

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