Casual Portraits

I had a short photo session with a few of my girls this morning since the sun was shining and I was awake! (Believe me, after sleeping most of January away, this was quite something!) The first order of business was to take a new photo for my website banner – I hope you guys like it! I went with a soft pink wardrobe theme since Valentine’s Day is coming up ^__^” ♥

Group shot (cropped)

In a few days it will be Lily’s 2nd birthday! What better way to celebrate than with a few lovely casual portraits of my first Dollfie Dream!

She has such a sweet, gentle expression.

She is a very elegant role model for her younger sisters. Here she is with Annalise and Rin.
Lily, Annalise and Rin

Lily and Serena have the most graceful smiles.
Lily & Serena

Here are a few more shots of some of Lily’s sisters that I took this morning – here is Nana being rather adorable.

Her piercing aqua eyes are by Japanese artist Ronronshuka. I bought them last May in the dealer’s room at Dolpa 27 and they are stunning on Nana.

Annalise is so gorgeous – I could dress her in a paper bag and she would still be absolutely beautiful! Gah!

I caught Serena in a thoughtful, pensive moment.

I haven’t had such a nice, relaxed morning in a while. It was lovely to spend time with a few of my favourite girls.
Happy (early) Birthday Lily!
Lily, Annalise and Serena

– ♥ Archangeli

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