Welcome Home Dollfie Dream Aoko Aozaki!

Today Rin and Serena were having a relaxed afternoon playing with Médée. So many plushies!

Welcome home Aoko!

Suddenly Gabi appeared out of nowhere with a big package that the postman just delivered! Angry Bunny was suspicious so he came out to investigate too.

Welcome home Aoko!

Gabi whipped open the box and peeled back the protective layer of bubble wrap to check out what was inside. I recognize that distinctive yellow box!

Welcome home Aoko!

Gabi: “Let’s get this big yellow box upright so that we can have a proper look!”

Welcome home Aoko!

Peering out from the little window of the big yellow box is Dollfie Dream Aoko Aozaki! She was a limited release at the Volks Doll Party 28 in Tokyo last December.
Welcome home Aoko!

Rin and Gabi helped ease Aoko out of her box. Angy Bunny is on guard to make sure there’s no doll nudity!
Welcome home Aoko!

Here’s the first peek at Aoko’s lovely face. She has a very mature looking sculpt, very beautiful blue eyes and a hint of a neko-mouth! How cute!
Welcome home Aoko!

Aoko: “Stop staring and help me out of here! It’s stifling inside here!”

Here she is out of the box now. I had a quick look over to make sure that everything was in order: arms, legs, feet, and I checked her for any cracks in the elbows. I also installed some aluminum reinforcement pieces from CoolCat as a preventative measure against cracking.
Welcome home Aoko!

Let’s have a look at the other items that were also inside her box. Aoko doesn’t come with a lot of “stuff” like some other DD girls. She comes with her booklet, her wig, white down coat, brown turtleneck, red dress, brown stockings, panties and her boots.
Welcome home Aoko!

None of the clothing items are lined, and I have heard from other owners that her stockings can stain so I used a bodystocking underneath her outfit to protect her. The inside and inner soles on the boots are in white, however the zipper is brown so if any of you want to use them alone, put some socks on to protect her heels and back of her legs.
Welcome home Aoko!

It’s a bit too warm for Aoko to wear her big down coat, so here she is without it – she looks very vibrant and beautiful.
Welcome home Aoko!

Her wig has a bit of a golden glint to it, and her face is gorgeous!
Welcome home Aoko!

From the moment the preview photos of her were posted online, people commented how similar her face was to the HDD-07 sculpt – so of course I had to put them side by side. What do you think? There are definite similarities but aside from the obvious difference in the mouth shape, the bridge of Aoko’s nose is taller and the tear duct area is more defined.
Welcome home Aoko!

Thank you for joining me in welcoming this lovely new girl to my doll family! I’ve been patiently awaiting her arrival for several months now, but I’m very happy to be able to share her with all of you!
Welcome home Aoko!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Bubba trying to help unpack Aoko –

Welcome home Aoko!


8 thoughts on “Welcome Home Dollfie Dream Aoko Aozaki!

  1. She is so cute, all your girls look very nice!! 🙂 i’ve seen you are from canada, i will be moving to Vancouver in a few months and i really want to be a part of the doll community there, can you please link me to their FaceBook Group? thank you hunny!! 🙂

    • I’ve heard from other Aoko owners that the stockings can stain, so I used a CoolCat bodystocking under her clothes when I dressed her. I’ve also heard that the red dress can transfer dye onto the doll’s hands.

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