Doll North 2013, Café Delish 2013 and the debut of the AkibaStar Cosplay Café!

Hi everyone! I caught a little cold right after Anime North (a.k.a. “post-con plague”), and have been super busy since so I apologize for this late convention write-up! Machiko and I arrived at the convention early Friday afternoon to pick up our badges, check into our hotel and move our luggage inside and that process took longer than we planned. We then went over to the convention center to visit Whitefrosty in the Crafter’s Corner, and Machiko set up a few little things to sell since they were sharing the table.

Afterward, I met up with Kevin and we walked across to the Crowne Plaza hotel to check out the Doll North events. It was awesome to see the marketplace area completely dedicated to dolls, as well as a room that was for panels, games, and workshop. PlasticFantastic and I presented a couple of panels on Dollfie Dreams and it was great to see some new faces, as well as a few familiar ones too! We had some audience members from as far away as Ottawa, Edmonton and Buffalo! Thank you to those of you that came to the panel! Here’s a lovely group shot of the lovely DD’s that were out for the evening!
Dollfie Dream panel at Anime North

Meo brought his beautiful Sasara out, and here she is serenading everyone on her harp.
Photo by: FukamineRiko (Mahoro)

There was also a doll meetup on Sunday morning – and here’s a cute group shot that Mahoro snapped. I couldn’t attend since I was helping out at another event.
Photo by: FukamineRiko (Mahoro)

I wish I could say I did exciting things like go to the rave, or watching anime all night, but my Friday & Saturday nights were spent doing last minute prep for the maid café (like ironing aprons!) over a few drinks in our hotel room! LOL

Saturday it was an early start to get the Terrace Room of the Doubletree Hotel set up for Café Delish. We had a few extra support staff this year, which was amazing and it really helped make the behind the scenes experience run much smoother! Of course the stars of the café are our wonderful cast of meidos and we had a record 14 lovely girls this year!

Photo credit: SolarTempest

If you count, there are only 13 in that photo – here’s the missing meido, the lovely Keiko (right) posing here with the adorable Akane!

It’s a rare sight to have our Head Maid Yumi helping out to serve guests since she’s usually helping to oversee the operations but here she is with a couple of lucky guests. The fruit on the 3-tiered stand looks super yummY!

This year was another smashing success! We sold out all the seating in record time and had a lot of fun! Here I am with a few of my brood of little meidos ♥

After the café finished, the maids headed over to the convention center to take some photos in the Puri♥Meido photobooth! Look at how many maids are on duty!

Total “moe” overload!

Special thanks to AlphaZ for taking all these awesome café pictures!

As if one fun-filled day wasn’t enough, this year we debuted the AkibaSt✮r Cosplay Cafe on Sunday and the cosplay theme was AKB0048! We had sweet Tomochin, spunky Mayuyu, mysterious Yuuko, charismatic Takamina and enigmatic Acchan


The atmosphere of this café was more casual than tne Maid Café, and guests were free to come and go as they pleased, and the Idols mingled with the guests for photos and also performed a dance and played a Jankenpon battle! Each table was asked to cheer and support one of the Idols, and the winner’s table got a special tasty treat!

Bosu and I got put to work as food prep staff 0__0″

There were 5 food items that were themed around an Idol’s character point.

The freshly made strawberry shortcake was so popular that it sold out very quickly!

If any of you came to either of our events and have photos to share, please send them to cafedelish [at]! Thank you for your support!

I had an awesome, but very busy, weekend at Anime North! I can’t wait until next year!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra): A few more photos from the weekend –

Machiko & Whitefrosty’s booth at the Crafter’s Corner (with Médée supervising from above!)

Takamina and Yuuko playing with a baby snake –

Mayuyu and Miku!

3 thoughts on “Doll North 2013, Café Delish 2013 and the debut of the AkibaStar Cosplay Café!

  1. Well, that was just totally awesome. The Maid Cafe is so cool… I wish Acen would do something like that!
    And omg you are so much taller than all of your maids! I LOVE your outfit 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s a beautiful top and I finally found a skirt that I love to wear with it since the one last year was a bit too short 😦
      I am kind of tall, but in this photo I’m also wearing tall Rocking Horse shoes which is why I’m towering over my meidos LOL

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