Magdalena and Annalise visit Volks USA – February 9, 2014

By now most of the Volks doll collectors in North America have heard the sad news that Volks USA will closing it’s doors after March 16th. I took the opportunity to pop by earlier this month to avoid the rush of people visiting the store the last few weeks. My hubby, AlphaZ, came along with me and we brought Magdalena (Volks DD KOS-MOS) and Annalise (DD Rise Kujikawa) with us to hang out with InnocentSaké and her hubby, David for breakfast before heading over the Volks USA showroom.

Magdalena & Annalise visiting Volks USA's Showroom
The Volks photo-space was still set up for Christmas, so I brought some hearts along to give a  Valentine’s Day vibe. (I won’t judge though, I’ve been to lazy to take down my own Christmas tree >__<” ) InnocentSaké brought Melon (DD Mashiro Mito) and Yuri (DD Saber Lily) with her! We spent some time upstairs chatting with Vicky and Kimberley (two of their new staff) and shopping before heading down to goof around in the photo area.

Yuri says “Hi!” – she is wearing new Arietta Project resin eyes. They have an almost decal-like look to them because the clear resin dome over the iris of the eyes are not as pronounced as most other eyes (i.e. they are low-dome eyes). It makes them very easy to photograph.
Visiting Volks USA's Showroom (February 2014)

Melon’s green Arietta Project eyes suit her beautifully.
Visiting Volks USA's Showroom (February 2014)

I brought Annalise and Madgalena because they look great together since both girls have more realistic sculpts. They look so cute in their coordinating bear outfits!
Magdalena & Annalise visiting Volks USA's Showroom

One of the new Japanese staff members has trying to conceal his amusement while we were taking this photo – Dollfie High Kick! Kyaaa!!!
Magdalena & Annalise visiting Volks USA's Showroom

The store itself is in a commercial office area, very out of the way from any other stores but you’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you find this sign outside!
Annalise visiting Volks USA's Showroom

There were still quite a number of fullset dolls available for purchase – missing from this board is Dollfie Dream M.O.M.O.
Showroom Dolls

For those who plan on visiting the last weekend, read the Volks USA blog about the events that are happening. There are some lottery events (shopping, a special tea party) and appointments to meet the Doll Doctor. Although the showroom is closing, web store will remain open and the staff have told me that they will still offer in-person pickup of purchases (if you are ever in LA!). I hope that some of you are able to visit in the next couple of weeks to show them that we will miss them!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

The same day we were in Los Angeles, there was a Dollfie Dream meetup in Toronto >_<” I was sad that I couldn’t attend, but I was working (well, a bit of work mixed in with fun!). AkaTG took some great pics of the Toronto meet and they are on his blog

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