Review: Volks Flower Fairy Set

Yesterday I did a review of the Volks Tree Fairy set from the Dolpa 33 release and today I’ll continue on to review the Flower Fairy set from the Designers Collection. These are very similar outfits however this one is sized for the SD/ SD13, SDGr girl and Dollfie Dream (S/M/L bust). Sakura will be modelling and she has a medium bust.

The blouse is a loose-fitting top with an elasticized neckline and is made of the same light-weight crepe-textured fabric as in the Tree Fairy set. It does up in the back with snaps. Like the Tree Fairy set, the top is like a pillowcase with sleeves – it’s boxy and there’s no shape to it whatsoever. The little bows are done in a leather-like string and Jadepixel has mentioned that it can stain so be careful not to let them touch the doll.

The corset is made of a brown microsuede and the black leather cord is functional so the corset can be tightened or loosened. It is lined in white on the inside, however if you plan to use it on it’s own take note of the brown thread on the inside and take proper precautions to prevent staining. Sakura is wearing the corset on the tightest fastenings and can barely fill it out so in my honest opinion this outfit would probably look really weird on the S-bust. The little brass buckles on the shoulder straps can slide up and down (I had to adjust mine because they weren’t sitting symmetrically) however there is no way to actually adjust the length of the shoulder straps. I found that on Sakura the shoulder straps were too loose and kind of floated above her shoulders. This type of microsuede fabric that is used on the corset and the shoulder straps has been known to stain in other outfits so take care with it. Sakura wore this outfit for about 30 minutes and the shoulder straps didn’t stain her, but just take care that they rest on top of the blouse and don’t touch your doll’s shoulder if you plan to leave it on for a long period.

There are three rows of loops for the hooks to fasten into at the back of the corset. For the Dollfie Dream I used the tightest ones.

The skirt has a white lining along the waistband, which makes absolutely no sense to me since the pink is not likely to be a stain risk and yet at the same time Volks didn’t bother to line the waistband of the Tree Fairy set which is dark green o_0″ Volks… sometimes I really don’t get your logic >_<”

There are four loops in the waistband that the hook can be fastened into. I used the farthest left and found that it made the skirt bunch up a bit and it wasn’t as full. The skirt is made from the same flowing crepe fabric as the blouse and has exposed hems that are finished with serging only. I guess Volks thinks it is less bulky and looks more organic this way but I find it lazy >_>” Also the chain decoration is sewn onto the skirt and cannot be detached easily. This skirt is quite a bit shorter than the green one in the Tree Fairy set.

The headpiece is comprised of chains and a leather strap to tie it onto the doll’s head. Since this one is designed to be symmetrical it was easier to untangle compared to the one that was in the Tree Fairy set. I don’t suggest putting this head-chain onto an intricately styled wig because it will make a mess of it >_<” I foresee myself using this as a belt or other accent piece but it’s not a practical hair accessory.

I think this is a very pretty outfit and it suits my personal aesthetics but I think it’s a bit over-priced at ¥8,100 compared to some other Volks outfits. For example, the very popular Balloon Dress Set was re-released at this Dolpa is only ¥6,480 and has many more components. It is ¥540 less than the Tree Fairy set and they are extremely similar.

I hope this impartial review was helpful. I know personally I like to know what the inside of outfits look like, if they will stain, etc. before I leave them on a doll for long periods. If there’s an outfit set that I own that you would like me to review, don’t be shy to leave me a comment! ^__^”

– ♥ Archangeli


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