Review: Volks Tree Fairy Set

I was very fortunate to be able to acquire some of the outfits from the recent online After Event from Volks Dolpa 33. Today I’ll review the Tree Fairy set from the Designers Collection. This was a very popular item since it is compatible was virtually all of the 1:3 sized dolls. The Volks website says it’s will fit SDGr Girls, SD16 Girls, Dollfie Dreams with M or L Bust and also the DDdy. Aerie will be modelling and she has a L-bust.

The blouse is a loose-fitting top with an elasticized neckline and is made of a light-weight crepe-textured fabric. To be blunt, it’s like a pillowcase with sleeves – there’s no shape to this top whatsoever. The sleeves are very long but the have a brown elastic at the top of the arm so it could be positioned higher if you wish and make the sleeve puffier at the top. It closes in the back with metal snaps and is long enough to prevent the waistband of the green skirt from touching the doll. There’s enough stretch that the blouse can be worn with a modest neckline or the sleeves can be pulled down past the tops of the shoulders for a more alluring look.

The corset is made of a brown microsuede and the black leather cord is functional so the corset can be tightened or loosened. It is lined in white on the inside, however if you plan to use it on it’s own take note of the brown thread on the inside and take proper precautions to prevent staining.

If you’re wondering how this outfit could fit such a variety of body types for dolls – the secret is in the back of the corset. The hooks can be attached to any of the three rows of brown loops to get a nice fit. The Dollfie Dream body uses the farthest on the left however I had to loosen the corset lacing to accommodate the L-bust and not put too much strain on the hooks and loops. I would suggest loosening the corset a bit, doing up the hooks in the back and then adjusting the lacing in the front to avoid damaging the corset.

The top of the skirt also has two loops that you can use depending on which sized doll you are dressing. I noticed that there is no white lining on the inside of the skirt so I may use a petticoat just to prevent the green from coming in contact with my dolls legs. Aerie wore this skirt for a full 24 hours (standing upright) and it didn’t stain her legs. I can’t promise this skirt won’t stain if it’s pressed against the doll (i.e. sitting, bunched up in a doll bag, etc). The skirt is made from the same flowing crepe fabric as the blouse and has exposed hems that are finished with serging only. I guess Volks thinks it is less bulky and looks more organic this way but I find it lazy >_>” Also the chain decoration is sewn onto the skirt and cannot be detached easily. If some of you want to soak the skirt to try to remove excess dye, I recommend removing and sewing the chain back on after since prolonged water exposure could cause the metal to oxidize or change colour.

The headpiece is comprised of chains and a leather strap to tie it onto the doll’s head. Mine was very tangled and messy straight out of the package and I found it very finicky to put on her head. I don’t suggest putting this head-chain onto an intricately styled wig because it will make a mess of it >_<" I foresee myself using this as a belt or other accent piece but it's not a practical hair accessory.

I know many of you are wondering how this set compares to outfits like the Lady Wizard & Lady Thief sets, and even the older Steam Signal Red outfit. This set actually has the most in common with the Lady Wizard Set. The blouses are the same type of crepe fabric and the corset from this set is the same micro-suede fabric that was used for the skirt on the Lady Wizard Set. I had some unpleasant staining experiences with the red skirt from that outfit, so if the brown from this outfit is dyed in the same manner it could also be a potential stain hazard.

I think this is a very pretty outfit and it suits my personal aesthetics but I think it's a bit over-priced at ¥8,640 compared to some other Volks outfits. For example, the very popular Balloon Dress Set was re-released at this Dolpa is only ¥6,480 and has many more components. However, with that off my chest, I do like this outfit very much and I plan to do a bit of mixing and matching with some of my other steampunk-peasant styled outfits for a future photo shoot. This set has sold out on the Volks international web store, but a limited stock should arrive at Volks USA for North American customers in a few weeks so you missed out on this outfit you'll have a second chance!

I hope this impartial review was helpful. I know personally I like to know what the inside of outfits look like, if they will stain, etc. before I leave them on a doll for long periods. If there’s an outfit set that I own that you would like me to review, don’t be shy to leave me a comment! ^__^” Next up I'll review the Flower Fairy outfit set!

– ♥ Archangeli

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