Moe finally dances!

Those of you who remember the arrival of my Dollfie Dream Moe may recall that straight out of the box there was a dilemma – she had 2 left feet! This prompted some joking between me and hubby that poor Moe was never intended to be a dancer >__<”

I’ve since remedied the foot issue – Moe has a right and a left foot now, but the mailman’s visit yesterday prompted me to give her an opportunity to shine! A number of weeks ago I ordered the new “Ballet” feet made by Taiwanese company Peapod Doll and they arrived yesterday.

Without further ado, here is Moe as the Swan Queen ~

I love that the DDIII body can do the full splits ^__^”

Suddenly, out of the darkness the seductive Black Swan sneaks up on our lovely Swan Queen!

She intends to replace the lovely Swan Queen and steal the love of Prince Siegfried!

Can you tell me which swan will prevail?

Volks already has many new optional hand parts, but this is the first optional foot that I’ve encountered and I quite like them. Here’s what came my order:

– feet (made of vinyl with a resin ankle) with vinyl toe pads
– white ballet slippers
– Swan Lake dress
– gift: yellow ballet slippers

The feet have some weight to them because of the resin ankle joint. I noticed that the colour doesn’t precisely match the DD leg, but since I assume these are made in small batches your luck may vary. It’s not enough of a colour difference to bother me and I barely notice it from a distance. They are very easy to attach – they just slide on like the normal DD foot piece does – but snug enough that they don’t fall off when I pick my doll up.

A few things I wanted to point out:
– The ends of ribbons on the ballet slippers aren’t sealed so you may want to add a dab of clear nail polish to them so that the ribbons don’t fray.

– Unlike “real” ballet slippers, the ribbons come attached already. The ready-to-wear aspect is convenient but if you wanted a pair of ballet flats you might want to check out Ersa Flora‘s ballet slippers since those come with ribbons you can sew on yourself or not, depending on your preference. (Ersa Flora ballet slippers are a little big for regular DD feet, but if you stuff the toe of the slippers with a bit of tissue and tighten the front laces they fit beautifully, however, they don’t fit the Peapod ballet DD feet.)

– The toe-pads aren’t necessary to make the ballet slippers fit, but give them a better shape and your doll a bit more support to “stand” on the ballet feet (however you should definitely use a doll stand if you plan to take photos of your doll standing with these feet!)

After her epic performance, Moe shows off the new ballerina feet.

Fashion notes: Tutu is by Jyh Haur of Peapod Doll (custom made for DD M-bust size),  wig is Choco-Brown DW-68 from Luts.

3 thoughts on “Moe finally dances!

  1. I like Moe’s hair and hairpiece…LOL Strange you got ballet feet for your dolls though…did you tell me? I might have forgot since I have a goldfish memory..o_o;

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