Asuna & Micaela at the British Museum! (Mini Dollfie Dream Meetup: London, UK – June 30, 2013)

A couple of weeks ago I was back in the UK for the first time since March, and took the chance to meet up with Pink_Blaise and GabrielVH on a lovely Sunday afternoon. We met up in Chinatown for bubble tea and crèpes before walking around in Soho to take a few photos.

Pink_Blaise asked me to bring Micaela (DD Aoko Aozaki) to compare her with the 07 head I had brought along on my previous visit. She brought her beautiful Neris & Kimiko, and I asked Gabe to bring his newest girl, Asuna, out for the day so that I could see her in person! Here are the girls relaxing against a tree.
June 30th London Trip
Photos by: GabrielVH (I didn’t bring my camera >_<” so Gabe did all the hard work!)

Gabe changed Asuna’s eyes so they are more soft and friendly – her default eyes were very cat-like. She has a very fresh peaches and cream face-up and a sweet smile.
June 30th London Trip

Neris is captivating as a redhead with these beautiful green eyes.
June 30th London Trip

Here are Asuna, Micaela and Kimiko hanging out in the garden.
June 30th London Trip

June 30th London Trip

Shortly, Pink_Blaise had to leave us; and unsure what to do, I just followed my feet – which led Gabe and I to the British Museum! The girls were going to have an educational day out! There’s a beautiful library just off the main atrium where the girls went on a learning adventure.

June 30th London Trip

June 30th London Trip

June 30th London Trip

There are curio cases everywhere displaying interesting artifacts. Asuna is pointing something out, and Micaela leans in for a closer look.
June 30th London Trip

June 30th London Trip

Asuna sat down for a moment –
June 30th London Trip

while Micaela was imitating art… ^__~”
June 30th London Trip

There is a life-sized replica of the Rosetta Stone for visitors to feels and get up close to. The girls were fascinated by the Egyptian hieroglyphs!
June 30th London Trip

I didn’t bring my camera with me, so if you want to see more fun pictures from our day out you’ll have to go to GabrielVH’s Flickr page! ^__^”

And because no trip to London is complete without some delicious eats, we went to Abeno Okonomiyaki house for (first) dinner, and then met up with my cousin Michelle for second dinner of delicious Thai food in Soho! LOL

It was wonderful to see Pink_Blaise again, and loads of fun hanging out with Gabe and exploring the British Museum. I hope I didn’t bore you by babbling on about the artifacts. >__<” I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again in a couple of weeks!

– ♥ Archangeli

Omake (Extra):

Dessert at Abeno. I don’t remember what it was but it was basically sake jelly with a strawberry in it!

We spotted a celebrity at the museum too, but to respect her privacy we didn’t take any photos. ^__~”

3 thoughts on “Asuna & Micaela at the British Museum! (Mini Dollfie Dream Meetup: London, UK – June 30, 2013)

  1. A doll meet in the museum sounds like an interesting one. Like the picture of the girls leaning over to have a look at the artifacts!

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