Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – July 14, 2013

Hot summer days make for great casual and lazy doll meets outside! Originally we wanted to have another doll picnic down on Ward Island, but we found out a couple of days beforehand that there were a lot of things happening downtown this weekend and on the islands that would have made conditions less than ideal for doll meet, so we picked a midtown location – Edward Gardens – for our gathering.

Doll meet at Edward Gardens

This was one of the hottest weeks we’ve had this summer, and the heat killed my motivation to take photos, so I apologize for fewer number of photos than usual from this meet >__<”

There was an optional theme for this meet (“A Midsummer’s Night Dream”), so I dressed Aerie up in this dreamy gown.
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

I brought Annalise, who was looking so cute in her new shiro-neko outfit that I had to bring her out, theme or no theme! ^__~”
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

A last minute stow-away into my bag was Rin, who is here posing with MrCool’s Sawako.
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

AlphaZ was very happy to take her out, and took some beautiful photos of Rin in the park.
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

Doll meet at Edward Gardens

PlasticFantastic brought her lovely twins Alna and Juno, who are both wearing pretty summer outfit made by puppy52.
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

Little Maya and Cirno also came along because they heard there was a picnic!
Doll meet at Edward Gardens
Sorry to disappoint you little girls, but the gardens don’t allow picnicking so we could only hang out, play a fun board game and chit chat!

CenturyStory brought her lovely Primula who is a vision of loveliness in this flowing white gown –
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

Nkei brought Setsuko and Renne, who are looking very ethereal and beautiful together.
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

Epic bonus points go to Nurlindae, who took our theme very seriously and made this stunning outfit for Lynari the night before our meet! 0__0″
Photo by: Nurlindae

She also brought one of her tiny little girls with her, who looks like an adorable little woodland nymph.
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

Speaking of tiny girls – this is PlasticFantastic’s first little resin girl! She’s a PeakWoods doll that PF adopted at Anime North and is named DeeDee (Dum-Dum lol)
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

Meo brought his Obitsu 50 Black Raven Lillia – she’s so cute. I love seeing Lillia and her litte neko-meido outfit is adorable!

Photo by: Meo

His pretty Lucy also came, wearing a pretty swimsuit. I think no one told her we wouldn’t be going to the beach at the islands!
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

Aka brought his custom Horo doll, who he has been slowly working on since his first outing with us a few months ago! She’s coming along beautifully! Aka has posted some lovely photos on his blog, so please check them out!

We had several new faces at this month’s meet, which is always nice to see. Kou-chan brought his newly acquired Saber Extra with him and she looks very imposing in her full gear!
Doll meet at Edward Gardens

MrCool brought along his Oculus Rift device and everyone was really keen to try it out. There’s a headgear that you can wear that immerses the user into a 3D game.
Photo by: MrCool

A few little figures crept in amongst the dolls, belonging to Poiyo and Akuun.
Photo by: MrCool

After hanging out in the park for a few hours, we needed somewhere with air-conditioning so most of us went out to dinner at Jack Astors before heading home. It was a nice meetup, despite the heat, and hopefully next month we can head back to the island for a nice afternoon picnic! I’m looking forward to next time!

– ♥ Archangeli

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