Video: Third Party Hands & Feet Option Parts!

New loot from Wersaze arrived last week! I threw it in my bags and brought it to Anime North with me last weekend, but here’s a quick video talking about Wersaze’s high-heeled feet for Dollfie Dream (fits DD2, DD3 and DDS), his wrist joint piece and also the Peapod Doll ballet feet that I bought back in 2011.

Hinata was wearing the Peapod feet at the beach at this meetup a few of summers ago.
Hinata, Cirno, Yoko and Lily

(Just a bit of clarification – I bought the Wersaze pieces from TaoBao since I was already making an order with my proxy. They were only available in semi-white skin – I don’t know if wersaze will be restocking the other skin tones. I really hope he does >_<"

I've also been unable to find anything except Peapod doll's etsy page, so it's quite possible that they are no longer making the ballet feet. That's sad news T__T" )

– ♥ Archangeli

Holiday Doll Meet in Vancouver – December 15, 2012

Last weekend I had the good luck to be in Vancouver the same time as the big holiday-season doll meetup in Vancouver! I was only able to stop by for a couple of hours before running off to work, but it was so nice to see my Vancouver-based doll friends and meet some new ones too!

The meet was in the party room of one of the member’s condo, and it was a nice casual meet with many different types of dolls. I’ve never attended such a large meetup before but I felt right at home since the members are very friendly and I’ve met several Vancouver-based doll owners over the past year or so ^__^”

Christmas Doll Meat in Vancouver

Unfortunately I left my brain in Toronto, and forgot to bring my doll carrier bag with me (*sigh*) so I had no dollies of my own with me, so I went around taking pictures of everyone else’s dolls instead.
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