Culture Japan Night in Tokyo – May 11, 2012

While I was in Tokyo last month Danny Choo announced that he would be hosting a Culture Japan Night at the Good Smile CafĂ© in Akihabara, Tokyo. It just happened that our group of friends had decided to extend our trip by one more night so that my sister and Bosu could go to a live by Golden Bomber – and the rest of us were just going to do some last minute shopping so it worked out well for PlasticFantastic, Sam, Kevin and I to stop by the CJN event.

I’m sure readers will recognize some of his girls dressed up in various Mirai costumes (meido-Mirai, Mirai Millenium and the Winter Uniform). My newest girl, Hinata, a DD Shino is sitting at the front of the table.

Culture Japan Night: Tokyo - May 2012

Since KOS-MOS was already packed up, it was easy to bring her along.

Photo by: Haduki_fff on Flickr

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