Culture Japan Night in Tokyo – May 11, 2012

While I was in Tokyo last month Danny Choo announced that he would be hosting a Culture Japan Night at the Good Smile Café in Akihabara, Tokyo. It just happened that our group of friends had decided to extend our trip by one more night so that my sister and Bosu could go to a live by Golden Bomber – and the rest of us were just going to do some last minute shopping so it worked out well for PlasticFantastic, Sam, Kevin and I to stop by the CJN event.

I’m sure readers will recognize some of his girls dressed up in various Mirai costumes (meido-Mirai, Mirai Millenium and the Winter Uniform). My newest girl, Hinata, a DD Shino is sitting at the front of the table.

Culture Japan Night: Tokyo - May 2012

Since KOS-MOS was already packed up, it was easy to bring her along.

Photo by: Haduki_fff on Flickr

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