Gabi in Germany!

Since I was working on Christmas I wanted to bring a bit of home with me, since it’s never fun being far from home during the holidays, when everyone else is celebrating with friends and family. Since I was in Mainz, Germany, I brought Gabrielle with me since it’s kind of her Vaterland ^__~” (I’ve always thought that her DDS Akira default outfit was very German looking). My original plan was to dress her up in her default outfit but I really didn’t like it AT ALL and couldn’t change her out of it fast enough! So instead she dressed for a chilly winter day!

Here’s Gabi on Ludwigstraße, with a beautiful Christmas Tree set up in the plaza in front of the Theatre. Behind is the St. Martin’s Dom –
Gabrielle in Mainz, Germany
(I got lots of weird stares whenever I pulled Gabi out of my tote bag for pictures @__@” It’s not so bad when I’m with a group but in a foreign country it was quite awkward >__<" )

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