Welcome Home Dollfie Dream Sakura Matou!

Today a few of my girls helped me to formally welcome home the newest Dollfie Dream the family! Aerie, Serena, Lily, Rin and Médée would like to introduce Sakura Matou!

Sakura Matou Arrives!

I’m very excited to have Rin Tohsaka’s sister from Fate/Stay Night, but she is also Serena’s sister since I adopted her from my late friend D.ark. I’m very honoured to be able to give this pretty girl a loving new home.

Sakura Matou Arrives!

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Three Auburn-Haired Ladies

I love it when friends come over to my house with their lovely Dollfie Dream girls – it makes for lots of fun photo opportunities! A couple of weeks ago my friends nkei and centurystory stayed late to hang out and take photo’s of nkei’s newest girl – Leone – a Saber Extra.

Here’s Leone with my Sidonie. Even though they are the same sculpt, faceup and eyes they have very different airs about them, don’t they?
Leone and Sidonie

Serena didn’t want to miss out on the fun so she dressed up joined in for a few photos too. I’m not used to seeing her as a red-head but she looks very pretty with this wig. These three look so beautiful together!
Auburn Haired Ladies

Leone and Serena –
Leone and Serena

Sidonie isn’t afriad of heights or taking a few risks.

These girls make for a lovely trio!
Serena, Leone and Sidonie

– ♥ Archangeli

The Story of Serena’s Smile

Several weeks ago, I brought home a beautiful Dollfie Dream that I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would own. I posted a little photo of her lovely smile and immediately people started to guess – but I wasn’t ready to reveal her story yet. The time just wasn’t right yet.

With today being the start of August, I feel that it’s time to finally introduce this precious girl – meet Serena! ♥


Around this time last year, I started planning a doll meetup in London with DD owners that I’d met over Twitter. It was a big deal for me: it was the my first time meeting other DD owners, my first time taking a DD out in public – and overseas no less!! and I was essentially meeting some casual strangers o_0″ I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but what actually came to pass was an awesome little meetup in London with D.ark Dollhouse, her husband Fransgaard, Jezatron and GabrielVH, and it was the first of several wonderful meetups that we had when I had to good fortune to be in London for work. It was the success of this meeting that encouraged me to go out and meet other doll owners in my local community.

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