Moe & Paw go out for breakfast!

Yesterday morning I was in Vancouver again, but this time in Richmond (closer to the airport) so I made plans to meet up with puppy52 for breakfast! We met at Denny’s, and she brought her new girl Paw with her! I brought Moe with me for our morning meat! :3 And look at the heaps of food that we had! 0_0″

Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

The girls had a big breakfast sandwich to share too!
Doll Meetup: Breakfast in Vancouver - September 2012

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A Small Doll Meat in Vancouver!

Last Saturday I was in beautiful Vancouver and met up with puppy52, bluestarbaby, LightningSabre, ItSid8 and Kentaro for breakfast downtown. It was a gorgeous day – and also bluestarbaby’s birthday! We met up for breakfast at De Dutch at the Vancouver Convention Centre and gorged ourselves on tasty Pannekoeken and other breakfast fare. The Vancouverites have an inside joke of calling doll meets “doll meats” – mmmm sexy meat! LOL

Meiko, Annalise, Saya and Lin at De Dutch
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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – August 18, 2012

This past weekend a few of the Toronto Dollfie Dream owners got together for another meetup! We met up on Ward’s Island again, in the same lovely spot as our June meetup and it was a perfect day to head out to the Toronto Islands! With 16 people, this was also our largest meetup so far – both in terms of attendees and dolls! How fantastic! The theme of this meet was “Your First” – but it was left fairly open ended as to what it was your first of!


Since it was a lot of work bringing food and drinks for a full potluck lunch, we decided to meet a little later so that everyone could have lunch first and then we would have lots of desserts on the island! There was so much delicious sugary awesomeness! There were cupcakes, a coffee cakes, homemade cookies, matcha shortbread, doughnuts, candy kebabs! Oh my goodness!!

A sampling of the sweets and treats!

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – July 21, 2012

This past weekend a few of the local Dollfie Dream owners met up for lunch and a doll meetup. We had the optional theme of “Default Day” for the doll meet – so hopefully a few people would bring some of their girls in default outfit sets!
Dollfie Dream meetup in Toronto
Here we have Meo’s Tamaki (wearing her default set!), kai-suteki’s Tai, PlasticFantastic’s custom HDD06 Madeleine and my Moe both wearing the Moe v.2 default outfit (yay twinsies!), PlasticFantastic’s White Christmas Alna in her default, T-Rho’s Maeve (Alna wearing her default outfit), my Sidonie (Saber Extra) in her steampunk outfit (sorry, I wasn’t about to bring her out in her Saber default outfit >__<“) and juu-yuki’s Sakura wearing Neris’ default outfit.
Sitting on the top row are Machiko’s Volks MSD Zephyria, PlasticFantastic’s Cirno and AgentPanda’s Penny!

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Dollfie Dream Picnic on Ward’s Island, Toronto

Last weekend, I met up with a few Dollfie Dream owners and we took the ferry from downtown Toronto to Ward’s Island for a potluck picnic and a lovely afternoon in the sun. The weather was perfect and we found a beautiful spot on the island with a gorgeous view of the Toronto skyline and a little piece of beach nearby.

We originally had the dolls sitting underneath parasols to protect them from UV exposure, but as the afternoon wore on the shade shifted. Here are all of the beautiful dolls relaxing in the shade.
DD picnic on Ward Island

Here are PlasticFantastic’s Amber, and Machiko’s little resin girls Lareine and Delilah. The UV sunlight exposure isn’t a huge issue with the vinyl Dollfie Dream girls, but it was important to keep the little resin dolls out of direct sunlight since it can cause yellowing of the resin over time. Continue reading

Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – April 28, 2012

Last weekend a few Dollfie Dream owners got together at Café Princess in Toronto for our monthly meet. Unfortunately a few of our regulars couldn’t make it, but we were glad to welcome some new faces to our merry band of DD parents! Here’s a group shot of all the DD girls –

April DD Meetup

We have Nanoha, Aoife, Rina, Asuka and Rei in the back row; Meo’s Obitsu twins, Ryoko, Delilahm, Médée and Maeve in the middle; Tai,  Lareine and Haruka are sitting in front – with Woody taking a group photo of them!

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – March 24, 2012

A few of the Toronto-area based Dollfie Dream owners got together last week and had another meetup at Café Princess to enjoy each others company and stuff our faces on yummy cake! It was an interesting challenge to get all the dolls together for a group photo, but we managed! Here they all are –

Doll Meet at Café Princess - cropped

We had quite the turn out! In the back row we have my Aerie, di-chan123’s Yami piggybacking on her custom Haruhi, jun97’s Ryoko who is visiting T-Rho, PlasticFantastic’s Asuka and nkei’s new Beatrice. In the middle row is PF’s Madeleine (Maddy), my Médée, Gabrielle and PF’s Yoko; and in the front row is PF’s Elle hugging Machiko’s Lareine, juu-yuki’s Airi (Rina), Machiko’s Delilah, and kai-suteki’s custom girl Tai.

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Doll Mini-Meet in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of my favourite cities in Canada, and I love being greeted by the beautiful mountains every time I visit. I haven’t been to Vancouver since last spring so when the opportunity arose this month I made plans with some of the Vancouver-based doll collectors to meet up! The weather was completely wonky! There was hail, snow and rain showers all within a few hours – so we stayed indoors and enjoyed a lovely brunch & afternoon tea at the Urban Tea Merchant.

Here are most the lovely girls that came along with their owners, gathered at the head of the table!
Doll mini-meet in Vancouver

Mmmm…. doll meat! Omnomnom!
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Dollfie Dream Tea Party – February 2012

I invited a few friends over to my house today for a doll tea party. Juu-Yuki, PlasticFantastic, whitefrosty and Machiko came over and look at the feast that their dolls had! Juu-Yuki brought her lovely Sakura and Rina, PF brought Asuka, Yoko, Amber and her new HDD-06 girl, tentatively named Madeleine. Machiko brought her little resin girls Delilah and Lareine, and whitefrosty brought little Myles and Mishka.
Doll Tea Party

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – January 14, 2012

Yesterday a few Dollfie Dream owners met up for lunch and to show off their dolls. I’d previously attended a meetup organized on the GTA Dolls forum, but it was mostly resin owners and PlasticFantastic and I really wanted to try to organizes something for the Dollfie Dream owners. Most of us met up first at Manpuku Modern Japanese Eatery for some delicious udon and rice-bowl goodness before heading out to the food court area in Village by the Grange.

Here are some of the dishes we had: Niku Udon, Curry Vegetable Don,
Niku udon (beef) at Manpuku Curry vegetable don at Manpuku
Natto Udon, Wakame Udon,
Natto udon at Manpuku Wakame udon at Manpuku
Una-tama don (BBQ eel with egg on rice) and takoyaki
Unagi tama don at Manpuku Takoyaki

After stuffing ourselves silly we didn’t have to go far to the food court area where we quickly took over a nice area underneath the skylight to take advantage of the sun, and set up our dolls. Here are the DD & MDD girls that PlasticFantastic, Di-Chan123 and I brought with us-
Dollfie Dream group shot :)
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