Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – April 27, 2013

On the last weekend of April, the Dollfie Dream owners from the Toronto area got together for our monthly meet! The weather this spring has been unusually cold, which has slowed down the sakura trees in High Park so we had our meetup at Village by the Grange. We all met up for lunch at Manpuku Japanese Eatery before heading out to Grange Park to chill and take pictures.

Our theme for this meetup was “Spring Cleaning” so aprons and cute maids were abundant! Mmmm so much doll meat!

I’m glad that it was a beautiful day, I’ve really missed having outdoor meetups!

I brought Sidonie, wearing the adorable Royal Highness set by puppy52. This little apron and maid hat work very nicely with the outfit and Sid looks ready to lend a helping hand!
Dollfie Dream meet in Toronto
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Happy Easter! Dollfie Dream Meetup in Hong Kong – March 29, 2013

Last Friday afternoon I met up with Hong Kong-based Dollfie Dream owners SenorQuentinos, Stepswalker, TonyBSD and XOHimitsuOX for a small meetup at a maid café in Mong Kok area. We went to the Café Maid Dreamin’ Akiba to hang out, have dinner and chat – and of course a few very pretty Dollfie’s came along too!

HK Doll meetup group photo
XOHimitsuOX brought his sassy Alna out, I brought my most-travelled little DD – Gabrielle, TonyBSD brought adorable Mashiro, Stepswalker brought beautiful Tamaki and Q brought his awesome Black Rock Shooter custom DD. Since it was also Easter weekend, I brought little chocolate bunnies for everyone as gifts, but they ended up as photo props instead! ^__~”

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Hinata and Aki’s Day out in Vancouver

Earlier this week I brought Hinata with me to Vancouver and was whisked away by Puppy52 and Aki for the day! We had lunch at Aberdeen Center and then drove into Steveston Village to take some pictures of the girls.


I only took a few photos with my iPhone since I forgot my camera, but Puppy52 posted some beautiful photos that she took on her blog

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – March 16, 2013

Last weekend a few of the Toronto-based Dollfie Dream owners met up for a small doll met, and we welcomed 3 new faces! AkaTG, Nurlindae and a friend of MrCool00236’s came to hang out with us. Since we were a small-ish group, we went to Café Princess and brought a few dolls with us! We had a loose theme of Springtime, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day so there were lots of cute outfits on the dolls!

Dollfie Dream meet!

We weren’t able to book the party room so we sat out front, and it was actually very nice since there was more natural light. These girl were early so they got set up first –
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Mini Dollfie Dream meetup in London – March 3, 2013

Earlier this month I made a quick visit to London and was able to meet up with some awesome DD owner friends from across the pond. I met up with GabrielVH, Jezatron and Pink_Blaise for a day of eating, chatting and goofing around and it was a wonderful way to spend the day!

March 3rd Dinners-1
Nana, Kimiko and Kanu say “Hi!”
Photo by: GabrielVH

I met up with Pink_Blaise in the afternoon and we enjoyed tea, pastries and macarons on the sunny patio of the Ladurée tearoom in Covent Garden. It was still a bit chilly but sunny days in London are such a rare treat! I hadn’t seen Pink_Blaise since last November so it was great to be able to catch up on exciting news going on in her life! ^__^”
Afternoon Tea and Desserts at Ladurée with Pink_Blaise
We had the St Honoré Rose Framboise Pastry, Cassis-Violet Religieuse pastry and a trio of macarons (salted caramel, violet marshmallow and green apple). Delicious!

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – February 16, 2013

Oh my goodness time flies! I’ve been meaning to post about our last Toronto meet ages ago, but time just got away from me! A few weeks ago many of the Toronto-area Dollfie Dream owners got together at Go For Tea in Markham. This was our largest meetup to date (with 20 attendees!) but luckily they have a very big party room off to the side that was able to accommodate our large group! Here are some of the beautiful dolls in attendance –

Group shot
Back row: Juu-Yuki’s Kirito & Asuna, PlasticFantastic’s Juno, my Rin Tohsaka, Annalise & Serena, and Meo’s Tamaki.
Middle row: PlasticFantastic’s Maya, Tanu-chan’s Kairi, AgentPanda’s Penny, my Médée, Meo’s Misuzu and Lillia
Front row: nkei’s Charlotte & Kokoro, AgentPanda’s Dotty, my newly arrived Mayuyu (custom HDD-06 painted by Machiko), PlasticFantastic’s Yuki, di-chan123’s Sia, MrCool’s Yukino and centurystory’s Primula

And hiding behind all the big dolls there was a little resin BJD picnic! So much cuteness!
The little resin kids hiding behind the big dolls 0_0"
whitefrosty’s Mishka and Yukio, Machiko’s Delilah & Sora and Tallenvyaere’s little resin dolly

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – January 5, 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I spent the first few days of 2013 in bed with the flu, but I medicated myself to make it to the first Dollfie Dream meetup of the year in Toronto, with our special guest Otakusan167 who was visiting from Alberta, Canada! I’m a bit behind with my blogging but I’m going to do my best to catch up over the next few days!

Doll Meet in Toronto!

Since I had zero energy to dress up my girls in new outfits, I brought Aerie and Gabi with me, since they were already dressed up for the “Winter Casual” theme ^__~” Gabi is wearing her pretty pink coat still from her visit to Germany
Photo by: Otakusan167

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Holiday Mini-Meets

Happy Holidays everyone! I’ve had a few small Christmas doll gatherings at my house in the past few weeks but I’ve been quite busy at work so everything will be lumped into one long post!

A few weeks ago PlasticFantastic brought Nia, Lily and Maya over to help decorate the Christmas Tree!

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Holiday Doll Meet in Vancouver – December 15, 2012

Last weekend I had the good luck to be in Vancouver the same time as the big holiday-season doll meetup in Vancouver! I was only able to stop by for a couple of hours before running off to work, but it was so nice to see my Vancouver-based doll friends and meet some new ones too!

The meet was in the party room of one of the member’s condo, and it was a nice casual meet with many different types of dolls. I’ve never attended such a large meetup before but I felt right at home since the members are very friendly and I’ve met several Vancouver-based doll owners over the past year or so ^__^”

Christmas Doll Meat in Vancouver

Unfortunately I left my brain in Toronto, and forgot to bring my doll carrier bag with me (*sigh*) so I had no dollies of my own with me, so I went around taking pictures of everyone else’s dolls instead.
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Dollfie Dream Meetup at Hyper Japan, London – November 24, 2012

My sister and I went to London last week for a short vacation to visit our cousin, and while we were there we met up with several UK-based Dollfie Dream owners at Hyper Japan!

I had arranged to meet up with Jezatron, GabrielVH, CookieDude_2332, Aquilla429, UiNeonSkittles, Pink_Blaise, Fransgaard and Bethykins at Hyper Japan to hang out and of course, the Dollfie Dreams came out as well!
Girls at HJ

What exactly is Hyper Japan? In my attempt to describe the event: it’s a small Japanese cultural festival + 1-Day Anime convention + Japanese Food Festival. My friends told me that it’s grown a lot but having attended massive anime conventions like Anime North, Otakon and San Diego Comic Con, HJ is very small by comparison. But what it lacked in size, it made up for with substance! What I loved about it was the abundance of Japanese tourist information, language course info, and the food hall which was almost 1:3 of the whole space, since I’m not really into shopping around dealer’s rooms anymore.
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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – November 17, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, several Dollfie Dream owners in Toronto got together for our last big meetup of the year! The theme was “Fancy Holiday” dress so everyone came dressed to the nines!

The weather has gotten colder so it wasn’t practical to have an outdoors meetup, so our group went back to Café Princess to enjoy cakes, desserts and hang out!

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Dollfie Dream Hallowe’en Meetup in Toronto – October 27, 2012

Last Saturday some members of the local Dollfie Dream community got together for a nice afternoon out with our dolls! We met for lunch downtown at the Marché restaurant and there was a wonderful gathering of beautiful dolls! This is an early group shot – a few girls came later ^__^”

I guess I’ll start by introducing some of these lovely girls!

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Doll mini-meet in London, UK: October 8, 2012

This past Monday I met up with Pink_Blaise and Jezatron while I was in London, and we took a few of our girls out for for dinner with us. We met up at a nice bar/ restaurant in Shoreditch and it was a relaxing way to spend a Monday evening after a busy day at work.

I apologize in advance for the photo quality! >;;__<;;” I left my digital camera at my hotel, so I only had my iPhone. At least the camera on the iPhone 4S isn’t too bad. I brought Sidonie (Saber Extra) with me, Pink_Blaise brought her Yukino and Jez brought Tamaki with him. Aren’t they an adorable trio?

Sid, Yukino and Tamaki
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Dollfie Night Out! Small Doll Meet with TheBobness & Chef17 in Toronto

This past Monday was Thanksgiving for us in Canada, and Columbus Day in the USA so it was a long weekend. To take advantage of this, my friends TheBobness and chef17 came up to Toronto from their home cities of San Francisco and New York to visit PlasticFantastic & Sam for a few days. They wanted to meet few of our local Dollfie collectors so we had a small meet-up last Friday to hang out.
Dollfie Dream Night out in Toronto!
Back row: Serena (DD Yuki Morikawa), PlasticFantastic’s Yoko, theBobness’ Miki, PlasticFantastic’s Asuka Langley, theBobness’ Jubei (DD Beatrice) and chef17’s Yumi (DD Mio Akiyama)
Front row: juu-yuki’s Lily and nkei’s Saber Extra

Before dinner, we first met up at Pacific Mall in Markham to walk around & do a bit of shopping.

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Dollfie Dream Meetup in Toronto – September 15, 2012

It’s hard to believe that summer has come and gone, and that it’s already September. This past Saturday some of the Dollfie Dream owners in Toronto got together for our monthly meetup, and this time we had a special guest – Mahoro was visiting from Edmonton, Canada! I’d previously met Mahoro in Tokyo back in May at Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Night, but Mahoro was bemoaning the fact that there are no other DD owners in Edmonton for him to hang out with. [So, if you’re a Dollfie Dream owner from Edmonton reading this – say hi!] Well, that just made me sad, so our community arranged to have a meetup while he was in town!

Back to School Dollfie Dream Meet in Toronto

Back row: Kai-suteki’s Tai, nkei’s Setsuko (DD Beatrice), my Gabrielle and Rin Tohsaka, PlasticFantastic’s Odette and Cirno, di-chan123’s Shana (MDD Louise)
Front row: tanu-chan’s Kairi, nkei’s Mai, PlasticFantastic’s Mio, juu-yuki’s Airi (DD Rina), PlasticFantastic’s Yoko, Mahoro’s Haruka, MrCool0236’s Harumi, AgentPanda’s Penny and Machiko’s Sora.

Our theme this month was “Back to School” so there were lots of cute schoolgirl uniforms about!

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